This cardboard bike can support almost 500 pounds

Israel rolls in with a winner.

It’s water resistant, fire resistant, stylish and able to support up to 485 pounds. Plus, when locally produced, this cardboard bike could provide jobs for the unemployed as well as be an inexpensive means of transportation in Third World countries.


"The whole concept for these bikes is to build something so strong, you can throw them in a village in Africa, and come back next year to collect the damaged ones and bring new ones."
Izhar Gafni

When Israeli inventor and avid cyclist Izhar Gafni would admire bikes made of expensive, sustainable bamboo, he wondered if there wasn’t a cheaper alternative. What about cardboard?

A few years of intense origami folding and persistence and Izhar had his dream: a cardboard bike made entirely of recycled materials. All his hard work was rewarded in 2013 when his bike was voted one of the Best Inventions by Popular Science.


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