Israel national baseball team pitcher Corey Baker got the win Friday over Brazil.

Israel advances to World Baseball Classic qualifier final

1-0 victory over Brazil assures team will play in championship game Sunday.

Marvel Team

How well do you know the Marvel comics universe?

From Thor's age to Star-Lord's dad, test your knowledge of some of Marvel's most entertaining characters.

porcini mushroom asparagus tart

White asparagus and porcini mushroom tart

Porcini mushrooms, gruyere cheese and asparagus in a homemade tart crust makes for some serious gourmet eats.

Momma camels and their babies enjoy the scenery on Riegler's 35-acre ranch.

Meet the cowboy who's mainstreaming camel milk

Gil Riegler has been called the "Dr. Dolittle of dromedaries." He's shepherding a bizarre (and healthy) new food trend that makes camel milk seem like the new almond milk.

The studio released new posters of the diverse cast.

Everything we know about the 'Power Rangers' movie

From new super suits to Bryan Cranston as Zordon, here are the early details on the return of a beloved 1990s franchise.

time capsule

The weirdly fascinating stories behind some of history's most famous time capsules

Lasers, aliens and ancient pyramids are more involved in preserving our culture than you'd think.

The Be'er Sheva Bridge, in Be'er Sheva, Israel, opened to the public earlier this year.

Photographer captures beauty of the 'Bridge of Eyes'

Take a walk around and through one of the world's coolest new bridges.

Barbie is dressed up as a presidential candidate in an exhibition in Paris

Barbie, the classic dress-up doll of girlhood, is going digital

The iconic plastic toy is getting a 21st-century upgrade.

mediterranean plates

How much do you actually know about Mediterranean food?

Do you know your shawarma from your shakshouka? See if you can ace this food quiz.

Workhorse Horsefly

5 companies on the cutting edge of drone delivery

From fresh pizza to the perfect gift, the next order you place may arrive from above.


Have you ever seen the moon look this red?

The supermoon is a hauntingly beautiful astronomical event.

Researchers at the University of Oxford have uncovered new insight into how the brain communicates with body parts.

Amputees' brains remember missing limbs years later

Findings could influence next generation of prosthetics and treatment of 'phantom pain.'

Dan Ariely hopes his new approach upends an industry set in its ways.

Wait, what?!? New insurance company gives leftover cash to charity

Two entrepreneurs and a world-famous behavioral economist turn the industry on its head.

Nachos get a Mediterranean upgrade here.

Pita chip nachos

When Mexican meets Mediterranean, the results are always delicious.

girls meeting boy

Scientists discover the 'social switch' that helps us make friends

A molecule in your brain may tell you whether to be friendly to new people or avoid strangers.