Pub Hub plans to turn bars into business hubs.

Company raises the bar for coworking space

Pub Hub uses watering holes closed during the day for workplaces.

Alum Alfonso Cuarón directs Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in "Gravity."

The best film schools in the world revealed

From Mexico to the Mediterranean, The Hollywood Reporter runs down its favorites in new list.

greek tacos

Vegetarian Greek tacos

A light, vegetarian taco 'nosh' that makes a great Mediterranean meal.

The music video for "Up & Up" features, among other things, Chris Martin lying down on top of the globe.

Coldplay's Chris Martin calls 'Up&Up' the best music video ever made

Coldplay's music video 'Up&Up,' which just won a Video Music Award, is directed by Israeli directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia.

Music from the video game "Zelda" is performed by the English National Ballet Orchestra and the Apollo Voice Choir at a London concert.

7 hauntingly beautiful musical scores ... from video games

From 'Uncharted' to 'Journey,' these memorable scores stir the imagination and drive home the emotion of interactive storytelling.

He looks unimpressed.

This little guy reminds us of somebody

The quirky-looking Cotton-Top Tamarin monkey is just a regular sight at a Mediterranean safari.

Pink jellyfish floats near the surface of the Mediterranean Sea

Blame the moon for those jellyfish swarms

Researcher says lunar calendar, warm water inspire the gelatinous creatures to invade beaches during the summer.

In the end, the dress was so heavy that parts of it had to be left underwater.

Renowned sculptor uses the Dead Sea to make art

Sigalit Landau's latest project 'Salt Bride' is a wedding dress made of the sea's salt.

streusel chocolate cheese cake

Streusel chocolate cheese twist

One bite of this chocolatey yeast cake topped with toasted pecan streusel and chocolate icing and you’ll be hooked.

A sunrise view of Portland, Oregon, which came in at No. 19 on the list.

Forbes list reveals world's most beautiful places

While some standards made the list, others will surprise you.

The "Menswear Dog" feed has more than a quarter million followers.

5 dogs you have to follow on Instagram

Cat videos may rule one corner of the web, but when it comes to social media, these photos go to the dogs.

girl looks out the window

A quiet morning in a picturesque city

A little girl looks out the window in Jerusalem.

newborn photo

Can you guess the celebrity baby name?

Test your thrillingly useless knowledge of celebrity spawn and their unusual names.

Many cans of soda contain more sugar than the FDA's suggested daily intake.

6 refreshing soft drinks that are healthier than you think

These beverages offer a reduced-sugar alternative to the average soda.

Even earprint

Earbuds that adapt to your unique 'earprint' have arrived

Whether you hear poorly in one ear or both, one tech startup aims to make sure whatever you're listening to sounds spectacular.