The Modern

Eat among the art: 7 of the world’s most beautiful museum restaurants

Come for the art and stay for the food at these gorgeous eating establishments.

Ancient city of Beit She'an in Israel

Recent discoveries bring ancient cities to life

From stinky food to Ikea-like furniture, an archaeologist reveals what life was like thousands of years ago.

star wars episode 8

The 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' trailer you've been waiting for (sort of)

A fan of the franchise created a must-see two-minute trailer that's heart-stopping.

grilled plum sundae

Grilled plum sundae

You've never had a sundae like this.

israel lights

Streetlights and sunlight glow in perfect harmony

Artificial and natural light form a beautiful friendship in this Mediterranean city.

Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine

All the ways 'Star Wars' is coming to virtual reality

Prepare to step into a cockpit, go toe-to-toe against Darth Vader and travel virtually to a galaxy far, far, away.

virtual reality physical therapy

How one company is making physical therapy fun

A new virtual reality startup is making rehab more like a video game.

caprese salad

How to give your pantry a Mediterranean makeover

Stocking up on certain Mediterranean foods will help you take advantage of one of the healthiest diets in the world.

Misha Zilberman of Israel is seen here competing at the Baku 2015 European Games.

This guy wants to be the world's best badminton player

Misha Zilberman spends his days with his parents training, competing, and qualifying for the Olympics. What do you do with your parents?


Rome wasn't the only city with ancient amphitheaters

Find out where this archaeological wonder still stands.

Blogger Yael Kimelman shoots outfits on the streets of Tel Aviv.

Why this fashion blogger's simple life is attracting thousands

Yael Kimelman is out to promote a realistic perception of beauty. And her message seems to be resonating.

Einstein's archives, which are housed at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, are now part of a new app.

Take a virtual walk through the Einstein archives

The new Arts & Culture app offers an unprecedented look at the famous scientist.

rainbow carrots

Garlic, maple and rosemary glazed rainbow carrots

These maple roasted carrots are a hit straight out of the oven and may not make it to the table.

King's Quest VI

How well do you know your classic adventure video games?

From King's Quest to Monkey Island, test your knowledge of the golden age of PC adventure gaming.

rick and morty

5 glorious pieces of 'Rick and Morty' fan art you haven't seen

From the U.S. to Israel to the Netherlands, artists are going ham over this show.