The world's coolest suitcase can soon be yours

Samsara blends design and technology to create a one-of-a-kind product.

James Bond has used a variety of suitcases through the years to house his gadgets. Now he has the option of a suitcase that is a gadget.

Samsara is a new carry-on suitcase that comes with a suite of tech options. Via a mobile app, it notifies you if your suitcase has been opened out of your view or moved without your knowledge. It also acts as a charging station for your mobile devices and lights up when low lighting is detected.

Israeli entrepreneurs Atara Dzikowski and David Dahan launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking $15,000 in capital for the project. It took them just four hours to reach their goal, and with a couple days to go in their fundraising campaign they've gathered more than $261,000 in pledges.

The Samsara and its many uses.The Samsara's design makes for a versatile suitcase. (Photo: Samsara Luggage)

What's really turning heads, however, is the design of the suitcase.

It's made of aluminum and has an anodized coating, which provides strength without adding weight, and protects the suitcase from scratches in addition to corrosion and weather damage.

And then there's its price point. It costs a fraction of what similarly constructed suitcases do and with arguably more practical uses. Not only is it a suitcase but, thanks to a flat top design, it can also double as a desk.

Now, you're probably thinking, "this all sounds wonderful, but it's just a Kickstarter concept." Well, beyond the eye-popping numbers, Samsara has legitimate support behind it. The team boasts nine members and it was developed within Atara's design house, Design Boxes. So their November delivery date is more probable than not.


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The world's coolest suitcase can soon be yours
2 Israeli entrepreneurs developed Samsara, which blends design and technology to create a one-of-a-kind product.