Love at first sight: Mama monkey adopts baby chicken

Watch this adorable duo convince us that the world is an OK place after all.

If you need an existential pick-me-up, we've got just the story for you. Apparently a baby chicken wandered into a macaque monkey enclosure in an Israeli zoo the other day. Macaques eat small animals, so you'd expect the chick to quickly become chicken nuggets. But a mother monkey did something surprising: she took care of him. She held him, pet him and generally treated him like her own child.

The chick left the cage at the Tel Aviv zoo but returned a couple days later. Since then, he has continued to come back and hang out with his adoptive mother.

I don't really need to explain why this is so weird and adorable. Sure, symbiotic animals help each other out. But there's something special about animals that are nice to each other without any ulterior motives. They're just ... friends.

a monkey and a chicken becoming friendsThis chicken can leave the monkey cage whenever it wants. It just doesn't want to. (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)

Unlikely animal friends are actually not all that uncommon, as you can see by scrolling through endless YouTube videos of orangutans petting baby lions and dogs nuzzling capybaras.

What is it that makes us so attracted to these videos? They're cute, for sure, but there might be something deeper. In a world that seems full of strife, especially if you happen to watch a lot of TV news (conflict drives ratings!), unlikely animal pairings imply that we live in a much nicer world than television would imply.

Sure, violence and disagreement exist, but so do unexpected kindness and caring. And once in a while, animals and humans you expect to be enemies turn out to be friends.


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