Natalie Portman burns her mouth for the planet

She made a documentary about factory farms and told us about it while eating painfully spicy wings.

The world is burning, and so is Natalie Portman’s mouth. The Israeli-American actress recently went on “Hot Ones,” a talk show where the host and the celebrity eat incredibly spicy wings, to spread publicity for her new documentary: “Eating Animals.”

“What is your barroom pitch for not eating animals?” asked Sean Evans, the host. Portman’s new documentary, which will be released on Jun 22, is based on Jonathan Safran-Foer's bestselling book "Eating Animals."

“I think it’s really hard to completely change,” replied Portman whilst chewing on her vegan wing. “But if everyone cut out meat, dairy and eggs from one of their meals a day, or one day a week … If everyone did that, it would make such a huge impact environmentally.”

She may have been eloquent in the beginning, but her ability to talk went downhill the more she ate. The hot sauces got progressively hotter.

natalie portman eating hot wings She really took one for the animals. (Photo: Youtube)

“Is there a country that does entertainment media better than other countries?” Evans asked once they'd eaten a fair amount.

“Japan definitely has a fun time … Am I fully crying right now?” she tried to answer.

Twisted talk shows like this one are getting popular. Comedian Eric Andre, for instance, tortures the guests that come on his talk show. (He once electrocuted Jack Black.)

“Do you see a change in the ways that celebrity is handled in the media in the last couple of years?” Evans asked Portman.

“Well, it’s nice that interviews are trying to be more fun now because no one wants to just hear boring questions ... answers ... about your movie ... sitting in your chair,” Portman said between gasps. “So this is more entertaining hopefully.”

“How about for you though?”


Still, Portman remained determined. In the end, Evans took out the hottest sauce of all and told her she didn’t have to use it.

“I don’t say no to dares,” she said, aggressively dipping her wing.

"We dig our own graves here," replied Evans.


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