Lost dog found thanks to his awesome singing skills

Belting out a TV theme song helped this pooch find his owner.

Most of us enjoy watching TV on the couch with our pets sitting next to us. It's a classic bonding experience between animal and human all across the globe. And, it turns out, it might just help you in unexpected ways down the road.

That's exactly what happened with a Siberian husky from the city of Be'ersheva in southern Israel. The dog had wandered away from home and into a neighboring town. The pooch was seen aimlessly walking around for a few days, and nobody could find the owner.

That is, until a cop came by. He remembered hearing about a lost dog from Be'ersheva, and he knew one defining fact about it: if it heard the soundtrack to "Shemesh," a popular children's show in Israel, the dog would start to sing along.

And so like any good research experiment, they first played other songs for the dog to see if the animal would respond. Nothing. Then they played the tune from "Shemesh," a particularly catchy theme song. As if on cue, the husky howled in delight.

The dog was reunited with his owner. No doubt they are spending tonight watching TV on the couch.

The owner was reunited with his Siberian Husky, The owner was reunited with his Siberian Husky. (Photo: YouTube)


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