This new swimsuit is just perfect ... if you're naked

Watch how a pro swimmer is making it possible for even the most modest among us to swim in the nude.

Wouldn't skinny dipping be so much better if you could skip the embarrassing disrobing stage?

OK, for some people, we get it – that's part of the fun. But in many cases, running toward the water while displaying our private bits is the one thing holding us back from truly embracing the art of naked swimming. What if someone – cue horror movie score – SEES US?

Why can't we just get naked after we get in the water, without sending our drawers floating into oblivion?

You guessed it; that's a thing now. That's thanks to fashion brand Weekends At and its new men's swimsuit collection that comes with a cheeky bonus: a sort of portable skinny dipping coatroom. You run out there like a properly clothed bat out of hell, take off your skivvies, hand them to a very nice woman who holds them for you, take a nice long swim, get dressed, dry off. Repeat as needed.

Weekends At Floating Wardrobe ProjectCheck your trunks here. (Photo: Weekends At)

The founders are three friends. One of them is Guy Barnea, a pro swimmer who represented Israel in the 2008 Olympics. He didn't medal there, but he did snag a few at the European championships and holds three Israeli swimming records.

The other two are Ron Nadel, a designer and illustrator who graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and Dov Adar, a web designer who graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan. They all live near the beach in Tel Aviv. And apparently they really love weekends.

From left, Ron Nadel, Guy Barnea and Dov Adar, co-founders of Weekends At swimwear line.From left, Ron Nadel, Guy Barnea and Dov Adar, co-founders of Weekends At swimwear line. (Photo: Weekends At)

"We are curious, we are dreamers, we love our water fresh and salty. We admire design that’s simple but smart, colorful but elegant, stylish yet super fun," the founders wrote on Weekends At's website. "Our top goal is to make awesome pieces we can’t wait to wear ourselves."

The collection includes swim shorts and briefs, designed for a fitted look that's oh-so-European and inspired by the colors of nature: "Storm the swimming pool with a penguin colony, suntan on the beach in the middle of the Savannah, or dive into the world’s largest coral reef," they write.

Weekends At swimwear includes swim shorts and briefs inspired by the colors of nature.Models display Weekends At swimwear at a recent event. (Photo: Weekends At)

So, like many tongue-in-cheek campaigns, this one does have some stunt-like qualities meant to grab your attention and stir buzz. But Barnea says it's not just about selling swimwear; it's also a social initiative meant to create safe spaces for people to skinny-dip without shame.

It even has a name: The Floating Wardrobe Project.

All of this in a pair of trunks? We're suddenly in the mood for a swim ...


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This new swimsuit is just perfect ... if you're naked
Israeli pro swimmer Guy Barnea is behind a new (or should we say nude?) concept that lets you swim naked while someone holds your swimsuit.