Your newest emoji obsession is ... you

Instantly morph your face into an emoji, thanks to a new app called Memoji.

Pick an emoji, any emoji. With the thousands of animated winks, kissy faces, thumbs-ups and angry grimaces at your disposal, you're bound to find one that accurately reflects your mood at any given time.

The only problem? You're not a bright-yellow, two-dimensional, disembodied head. You're you; there's only one of you in the world. Your emojis reflect your emotions, but not who you actually are.

Now, with the launch of a free app called Memoji from Israeli developer Lightricks, the emoji has been turned on its head – well, yours, really. You upload your selfie and, using artificial intelligence, Memoji will instantly morph your face to reflect the emoji of your choosing.

An example of how you can use Memoji on your face.An example of how you can use Memoji on your face. (Photo: Twitter)

Want to truly express how shocked you are, how funny you found something, or how angry the series finale of "Girls" made you? The app will turn your selfie into an animated "Memoji." Additional features include the ability to instantly turn yourself into a unicorn. Because sometimes you just want to be a unicorn without having your motives questioned, OK?

What's more, the app will read not just your face, but any face. Does the Mona Lisa have a naughty streak? Does the Statue of Liberty sneeze hearts? They didn't before, but they do now.

Historical icons get the Memoji treatment.Historical icons get the Memoji treatment. (Photo: Memoji)

Zeev Farbman, a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is the CEO of Lightricks. “I don’t smile in pictures,” said Farbman, who's apparently a satirist in his spare time. “So when my girlfriend showed me a picture of me smiling in a photo we took on a hike, I was dumbfounded and scared. I’d spent years cultivating an image of Spartan focus and strength and this one photo threatened to ruin decades of consistency. Thankfully, we had already developed Memoji from Facetune and I was able to instantly click on the frowny face emoji to bring order and decency back into my life.”


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Your newest emoji obsession is ... you
A new app called Memoji, from Israeli developer Lightricks, lets you use your own selfie as an emoji.