Gal Gadot surprises frontline hospital workers

The actress gave the nurses – who wear Wonder Woman shirts at work – an epic Zoom bomb they won't soon forget.

Since the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, healthcare personnel have been viewed as superheroes on the frontlines of this crisis. At one hospital in Michigan, the nurses are taking that comparison one step further. The emergency staff at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit has been encouraged by nurse Erin Cavanagh to dress up as superheroes. Cavanagh's go-to costume? Wonder Woman.

The team even made a Hollywood-style film trailer to show off their costumes:

That YouTube video caught the attention of "Good Morning America" reporter TJ Holmes. On this morning's episode of the show, Holmes video chatted with the nurses to talk about their costumes and the symbol it sends to patients. "Wonder Woman believes in people. She believes in love. She saves people when people can't save themselves," Cavanagh said. "She's the strongest chick I know."

Added fellow nurse Michelle Poole about her patients: "If I can just get you to smile a little bit, I think half of my job is done."

The costumes provide a boost for the frontline workers themselves, too. "On the days that I put on my Wonder Woman shirt, I just feel a little different," said nurse Beth Gonzales. "I feel a little empowered."

It was at this point in the interview that the nurses got a surprise none of them could've expected. Gal Gadot, the 35-year-old Israeli actress who portrays Wonder Woman on the big screen, jumped on the video call.

"I salute you," Gadot told the shocked nurses. "Everything that you do is the real deal. You're risking your life for other people. I get emotional thinking about it," she said through tears. "You are a true inspiration. I just want to hug you so much because you're so amazing."

Gadot posted some behind the scenes photos of her "Zoom bomb" to her Instagram feed.

"I feel privileged to be portraying this character and knowing that women like you are using it and spreading the love and everything that is good, it's inspiring to me," Gadot said before signing off. She is the latest celebrity to team up with "Good Morning America" to surprise healthcare workers. Previous guests have included Lionel Richie, Luke Bryant, and Katy Perry.

As for Gadot, she has been quarantining with her husband and two daughters at their Los Angeles home. Gadot had been in Atlanta filming the Netflix action thriller "Red Notice" with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds when the coronavirus outbreak forced filming to shut down. Gadot and her husband, Israeli real estate developer Yaron Varsano, have been keeping busy developing various projects for their Pilot Wave production company – including a TV series about actress-turned-inventor Hedy Lamarr as well as an upcoming series for National Geographic showcasing the stories of real-life female superheroes.

The Wonder Woman sequel, originally scheduled for release in June, is now expected to be released on August 14.


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Gal Gadot surprises frontline hospital workers
The Israeli actress gave the nurses – who wear Wonder Woman shirts at work – an epic Zoom bomb they won't soon forget.