This viral sensation is now going on tour

Adorable couple's homemade music videos have led to an album, just released this week.

Yoni and Nina Tokayer look like any other young couple. The newlyweds both have day jobs near their home in central Israel – Yoni works in the educational field and Nina is studying psychology at a nearby university. And not too long ago they welcomed a baby named Ashira to their family.

But what makes Yoni and Nina stand out is that they're internet sensations. About a year ago, the singing duo started posting weekly videos to their Facebook page, and those clips soon went viral. The video above, which is reminiscent of James Corden's popular "Carpool Karaoke" series, has racked up more than a million views.

"We’ve both been writing lyrics and composing music since childhood, and we both even have recorded songs from before we met," they explained. "Pretty soon, we started dreaming of collaborating, in the hopes of creating something bigger than either of us."

The viral videos were, for the most part, cover versions of other people's tunes, stamped with their own harmonic twist. After an initial burst of media attention, the couple soon decided to work on their own album featuring original songs. That came together thanks, in part, to a crowdfunding campaign from fans around the world. The album was released this week, and the couple – known as Yonina, an amalgam of their names – will be embarking on a world tour, making stops in New York and New Jersey this month.

"At the end of the day, that’s where our hearts are: in material written by us, in melodies that originated from us, in moments of inspiration gathered into one album," they said. "Instead of releasing two individual albums, we decided to record one album that will unite the songs that we each wrote with those that we worked on together."

Made in a recording studio, the album has higher production values than their web videos, but it still retains that homespun feel that made them famous. "Our album’s goal is to preserve the authenticity and homey warmth that you see in our videos," they said. "That’s why we’ve decided to name the album 'A Simple Truth,' because that’s the message that we most want to relay through our music – something pure and simple that came from our hearts and hopefully will find a home in yours."


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