'One Day Love' will heal your heart

An epic space journey celebrates the imagination and innocence of children.

"Raise your hand and touch the stars,

and from now until forever,

everybody will remember you."

Looking to view the world from a fresh perspective? Then view the world through the eyes of a child.

Imri Aginsky stares out of window of spaceship

That concept was never more beautifully portrayed than in a new video from Tel Aviv-based director Michael Mizrachi for a song called "One Day Love." Performed by singer/songwriter Daniella Boss and featuring CGI-enhanced scenes from around the creators' home country of Israel, the track celebrates the inner child in all of us – and what one youthful imagination can do to brighten the universe.

Truthfully, it's our new obsession. So we thought we'd do a little deconstruction, frame by breathtaking frame, to fully appreciate this masterpiece. Buckle up!

First, can we talk about this little boy?

Imri Aginsky writes in journal of spaceship

His name is Imri Aginsky. He's the star of the video, and he's got out-of-this-world ambitions. And every time he looks up at the sky with that thoughtful grin, we start to forget what ails us.

As the video begins, we are greeted with ... a sock.

sock floating in space

Is it Imri's? Did he lose it? Is that where missing socks go after they get lost in the dryer? We demand an explanation!

But fear not, mere mortals. Imri is on the case.

Imri Aginsky at the controls of his spaceship

We can't wait to see where this kid goes, in real life and imagination.

Clearly, this young chap has a goal in mind. And it involves rope.

Imri lassos a rock with a rope

Everything is better with kid goggles on.

But why is he lassoing everything in sight?

Imri wearing a spacesuit in a rainforest

Imri tugs at rope in the Dead Sea

Couldn't he have done that on Earth? (To be fair, all the scenes were indeed filmed on our planet, with Israel's picturesque landscape filling in for the other-worldly landscapes.)

And eventually, all that tugging makes you hungry.

Imri takes a lunch break in space.

Ever seen a flying salad?

Turns out it's just the fuel he needs to achieve his ultimate goal.

Smiling from space

So there you have it. Imri, we see you. And we are smiling right back.

Houston, we have a masterpiece.

But, wait. We would be remiss if we didn't talk about the song itself.

The intro credits for 'One Day Love.' (All images from video screenshots courtesy of Vimeo)

It's from the children's album "Shakuf" by Barak Feldman, an Israeli songwriter. For this song, he tapped frequent collaborator Yoni Bloch to compose the music, and Boss to perform vocals, guitar, ukelele, bass and percussion.

Let us know what you think of the song and video in the comments below!


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'One Day Love' will heal your heart
An epic space journey celebrates the imagination and innocence of children.