We dissect season 2 'Imposters' trailer

The twists, the turns, the steamy sabotage ... we can't wait to see what's in store for this slick series.

"Always forward, never back."

If you've watched even a sliver of the first season of "Imposters" on Bravo, that phrase might sound familiar to you; it's been frequently uttered by the show's star, Maddie aka Saffron aka Ava aka Alice aka Cece. It's about letting go of past regrets and keeping a firm focus on the days ahead.

But as this slick, sleight-of-hand comedy-drama series gears up for its second season, it's clear that Maddie, played by Israeli scene-stealer Inbar Lavi, is having a lot of trouble keeping her past from catching up to her.

Bravo recently announced the premiere date for season 2 (April 5) and released a new trailer (shown above). By the looks of things, Maddie has gotten herself into quite a pickle. Which is no surprise considering how many people she encountered in the first season.

imposters tv show Who will Maddie ensnare next on 'Imposters'? (Photo: Bravo)

So what's in store for the conniving crew this season?

Maddie wants out.

Lavi resting in a scene from "Imposters," a new show which has both dramatic and comedic elements. You think your job is hard ... (Photo: Erik Schroder / Bravo)

From the first 16 seconds of the "Imposters" trailer, we learn something pivotal: Maddie is tired of scamming people, and she wants out of the game. But she can't turn herself in; the cops are hot on her trail, and one of them – suave FBI agent Patrick Campbell – has already fallen into her deceitful web.

So what's left to do?

Join the resistance, of course.

A scene from the first season of "Imposters." A scene from the first season of 'Imposters.' (Photo: Bravo)

In season 2, it looks like we'll see Maddie joining forces with the very people she conned: her ex-spouses. There's Ezra, the sweet gentleman; Richard, the dumb jock; and Jules, the passionate artist. They've all gotten in a little over their heads, but with Maddie on their side, they think they might be able to keep themselves out of trouble. But more than that ... they're actually starting to enjoy this con artist lifestyle they've unwittingly created for themselves.

Until ... disaster strikes.

niagara falls ferry boat Looks pretty, doesn't it? But don't get too close. (Photo: TRphotos/Shutterstock)

Trailers are known for inciting suspicion, but not actually answering any questions. This may or may not be the case with the Niagara Falls scene in or around the 0:53 mark of the trailer, when Ezra is shown calling in an emergency while watching a boat inch dangerously close to the imposing falls. Is this the forewarned "consequences" coming to bite this motley crew in their double-crossing derrieres?

How ever will we wait until April to find out whether one of the world's most popular tourist attractions has swallowed up a band of scrappy jilted schemers?

But where does this leave Maddie?

Inbar Lavi attends the Wolk Morais Collection 6 Fashion Show at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on January 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Something is clearly up her sleeve. (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Wolk Morais)

It's clear that Lavi's character, who goes by at least six different aliases in the show, is seriously conflicted about her career and whether she wants to spend the rest of her life bamboozling people and taking them for all they're worth. Who wouldn't feel a bit ... torn about the ethics of this line of work?


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We dissect season 2 'Imposters' trailer
The twists, the turns, the steamy sabotage ... we can't wait to see what's in store for this slick series.