This dance video gives 'La La Land' a run for its Oscars

Old Hollywood meets modern-day Jerusalem in this put-a-smile-on-your-face performance.

You can travel through Israel on foot, by bicycle, Moped, Segway, train, car, bus, rideshare ... or you could swing-dance your way through, like this throwback couple did in an Old Hollywood homage that'll get your foot tapping and your hips swinging.

The video features Jerusalem-born Tamar Sonn, a graduate of Israel's Music and Dance Academy. Her partner is choreographer Nadav Zelner, a graduate of the Thelma Yellin School of the Arts. With the stylings of Jerusalem jazz octet Betty Bears – that's seven Bears and one Betty, to be precise – and under the direction of Roy Krispel, the video is a stunning and seamless journey through Jerusalem's history, vibrant culture, museums and romance.

Much like the dance numbers that won over audiences in the multiple-Oscar-winning film "La La Land," Tamar and Nadav's dance manages to tell the kind of story that words can't: the story of two people weathering the highs, lows and in-betweens of life, and doing it together, in a sort of fractured harmony.

la la landEmma Stone and Ryan Gosling in the musical 'La La Land' that's a tribute to Hollywood. (Photo: La La Land)

And if you're really into Hollywood history, you'll take note of the song Nadav and Tamar are swinging to: It's called "Jack I'm Mellow," and it was originally sung by Trixie Smith in 1936. The more you know ...


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This dance video gives 'La La Land' a run for its Oscars
A jazzy duo dances their way through Jerusalem in this stunning video that's reminiscent of everything we love about Old Hollywood.