Zombie Walks have becomes a celebrated tradition around the world. Zombie Walks have becomes a celebrated tradition around the world. Zombie Walks have becomes a celebrated tradition around the world. (Photo: ivepurpledideas / Flickr/Creative Commons)

8 zombie walks around the world for 'The Walking Dead' superfans

Hungry for brains? Check out one of these massively popular zombie walks.

If you've ever seen an episode of AMC's hit drama "The Walking Dead" and pined to be one of the zombie hordes threatening at every turn to eat the living, you're going to want to pay close attention to the following list.

From Toronto to Tel Aviv, zombie walks have become an annual tradition for people of all ages. Thanks to video games like "The Last of Us," films such as "28 Days Later," and page-turners like Max Brooks' "World War Z," the undead have become the de facto monster of supernatural pop culture.

So get out that fake blood, work on your best moan for "Brainzzzz," and shuffle your way to one of these massively popular zombie walks.

Pittsburgh Zombie Fest

A scene from one of the many zombie walks that have occurred in Pittsburgh, PA. A scene from one of the many zombie walks that have occurred in Pittsburgh. (Photo: Jim Reynolds/Flickr)

Since 2006, the city of Pittsburgh has celebrated the walking dead with music, dance and a massive zombie walk. The city's first "Walk of the Dead" set the original Guinness World Record for the "largest gathering of zombies" with 894 participants. While that record has since been shattered many times over, it has served as the inspiration behind zombie walks all around the world.

The next Pittsburgh Zombie Fest is scheduled for September 2017.

Tel Aviv Zombie Walk


While the coastal city of Tel Aviv in Israel is a top foodie destination, for one day out of the year the only thing some crave is brains.

Every March, thousands of people take to the streets to participate in Tel Aviv's ghoulish Zombie Walk. The family-friendly event, started in 2011, features some of the best fan-made costumes, special effects and other props you're likely to see outside of Hollywood.

London Zombie Walk


Every October in London, thousands of costumed undead take to the streets to celebrate World Zombie Day and help raise money for charity.

“The walks are a great way to forget about everything for an hour, hour-and-a-half, and just have some fun,” Dawn Pennell, who organizes the London event, said in a recent interview. “It is fun for the whole family, kids, seniors, pets; we have had zombie dogs, but I don’t think any zombie cats yet. But you never know.”

The next World Zombie Day is scheduled for Oct. 13, 2017.

Tokyo Zombie Walk

A scene from the Tokyo Zombie Walk. A scene from the Tokyo Zombie Walk. (Photo: TimeOut.com)

Inspired by Pittsburgh's original zombie walk, Tokyo has held its own version since 2013 in the 134-acre Yoyogi Park. Composed of various undead of all ages, the walk is well-known for startling unsuspecting visitors to the park.

"It's fun to see people stunned and scared by my zombie appearance," one participant remarked.

Toronto Zombie Walk

Mom, dad and baby zombie from the Toronto Zombie WalkThe Toronto Zombie Walk is one of the largest in the world, with over 10,000 participants turning out each year. (Photo: Bastian Sander/Flickr)

Started in 2003, Toronto's annual zombie walk has attracted thousands of participants. In 2014, an estimated 15,000 costumed undead shuffled their way through the downtown streets.

“What I saw, in my six years as a volunteer, was this creation of family, of 15,000 sharing a walk,” spokesperson Stefania Zanini said in 2015. “It was about diversity and inclusion ... it’s just a sharing of a common theme."

New Jersey Zombie Walk


For the past 10 years, Asbury Park, N.J., has played host to one of the largest zombie walks in the world. In 2013, the small seaside city claimed the Guinness Record for the largest zombie gathering with more than 9,500 participants. (That record has since been broken by a group in Minneapolis.)

"It's really just the fans that drive this event showing how much they love it, how much they come back in bigger numbers every year," creator and organizer Jason Meehan said in an interview. "It's remarkable to say that we're one of the greatest events of our kind in the world."

The 10th anniversary celebration of the New Jersey Zombie Walk is scheduled for Oct. 7, 2017.

Mexico Zombie Walk

Crowd of zombies at the Mexico City annual Zombie WalkMexico City's annual Zombie Walk attracts a large gathering of undead participants. (Photo: Munir Hamdan/Flickr)

Since 2007, Mexico City has held an annual zombie walk to both celebrate the undead and benefit food banks and charities for those in need. "The zombie walk has always been about having fun. It's also for a good cause," one participant told Reuters.

As you might expect for a city that also celebrates the annual Day of the Dead, the zombie walk is enormously popular, with thousands of people dressing up as decaying ghouls and walking through the streets.

Want to participate? The 10th annual Mexico City Zombie Walk will likely take place in the fall of 2017.

France Zombie Walk

Crime-fighting superhero zombies from the Zombie Walk in Paris, France. A scene from a 2009 Zombie Walk in France. (Photo: philippe leroyer/Flickr)

Since 2009, the French city of Strasbourg has played host to thousands of undead enthusiasts roaming the streets. In addition to a zombie parade featuring everything from undead mimes to decaying superheroes, the event also crowns a "Ms. and Mr. Zombie" and includes live musical performances.

The next Strasbourg Zombie Walk is slated for September 2017.


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8 zombie walks around the world for 'The Walking Dead' superfans
So you think you're a huge fan of The Walking Dead, but have you been to all of these zombie walks from around the world?