Get your thrill on flying down this 5,495-foot zip line in Alaska. Get your thrill on flying down this 5,495-foot zip line in Alaska. Get your thrill on flying down this 5,495-foot zip line in Alaska. (Photo: Icy Straight Point)

Zip line through the sky at these unexpected destinations

These heart-stopping rides allow adventure seekers a chance to fly.

We’ve put together a list of the biggest, baddest and fastest zip lines around the world. While their locales are pretty stunning and will have you checking the balance of your frequent flyer miles, these zip lines alone make for a great destination vacation.

7 Line Treetop Zip Tour / Maui, Hawaii

The 7 Line Treetop Zip Tour at Pi’iholo Ranch on the island of Maui boasts not one but seven zip lines that let you swoop down in to the Kahakapao Valley. That's where you'll be able to soar from tree to tree through canopy tunnels while enjoying the incredible island scenery.

Omega Zip Line at Deer Land Park / Jerusalem, Israel

Deer Land Park is home to one of the longest zip lines in the world. The Omega Zip Line is almost 2,000 feet long and has you soaring 400 feet above a breathtaking canyon. The park is only a 20-minute drive from Jerusalem, and popular with local and visiting families alike thanks to a variety of adventure attractions, including a high ropes course, 4x4 Jeep tours and an awesome trampoline.

Zip World Velocity / Wales, United Kingdom

Zip World Velocity claims to be the longest zip line in Europe and the fastest in the world – more thn 100 mph. From the top, you’ll enjoy stunning views of Anglesey. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the Isle of Man. There are actually three zip lines side by side so you can race your friends over Penrhyn Quarry. If you haven’t exceeded your adrenalin rush for the day, check out their underground zip line.

Flying Fox at Mokai Gravity Canyon / Taihape, New Zealand

Grab a couple of friends and head to Mokai Gravity Canyon – the Flying Fox zip line is built for three! Not only will you hit speeds of nearly 100 mph while flying 575 feet above a river on this zip line that’s more than 2/3 mile long, you’ll get to do it arm-in-arm with your best friends. It’s also one of the longest experiences, because after the initial descent, you roll back and forth a few times before you slow down enough for them to haul you back to the top. You’ll want to do this over and over, but be sure to save some time for the bungee jump and the giant swing!

Zipflyer at HighGround Adventures / Kathmandu, Nepal

You’ve probably already figured out that superlatives are a dime a dozen in the zip line community; each one tends to boast being the longest, highest, steepest, tallest or fastest. But when it comes to the Zipflyer in Kathmandu, we tend to agree. The length of the line is just over 1.1 miles, and it has a vertical drop of 1,968 feet. With average speeds around 75 mph, it’s not the fastest, but it is the steepest. With a hair-raising incline of 56 degrees, you’ll feel like you’re going straight down. Don’t worry, the spectacular scenery of the Himalayas will help you relax as you toe off the platform.

Zip2000 / Sun City, South Africa

The highest speed ever recorded on the 1.25-mile-long Zip2000 at Sun City is 115 mph, definitely putting it in the running for world’s fastest. Riders on the two-person line hang side by side to fly head first down the cable over the South African grasslands. For more speed, the kind people at Zip2000 put a fin between the riders' legs. Sun City is located on the edge of Pilanesberg National Park, so after a morning of zip lining, you can spend the afternoon on a safari.

ZipRider at Icy Straight Point / Hoonah, Alaska

Having trouble deciding which of your many friends to go zip lining with? No problem. The ZipRider in Alaska actually has six lines that run side by side. The 5,495-foot lines start 1,300 feet above the icy fjord below offering a thrilling 90-second ride. The area is a popular cruise ship stop. Icy Straight Point is only open when there is a ship in port, but the public is welcome at those times as well.


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