Penske Racing, Mooresville, North Carolina. Penske Racing, Mooresville, North Carolina. Elan Kawesch shot this photograph from inside the Penske Racing facility in Mooresville, North Carolina. (Photo: Elan Kawesch)

Young photographer makes the everyday magical

From sporting events to street performers, this precocious talent brings his subjects to life.

Elan Kawesch just turned 19 but he already has a resume someone twice his age could be proud of. The Boston-based photographer has had his work published by the Boston Globe, The Toronto Star and Buzzfeed, to name just a few high profile publications.

Kawesch was originally drawn to the medium after stumbling upon a few photography-related videos on YouTube as a child. "I was just interested in how the technology of modern cameras could be used to capture things that you might not see on first blush," he told From The Grapevine. He initially gravitated towards sports, photographing everything from the Boston Marathon and Boston Red Sox games to ice skating competitions.

Kawesch's interests were originally in sports photojournalism.Elan Kawesch originally took an interest in sports photojournalism. (Photo: Elan Kawesch)

But as he's matured his subject matter has become more diverse. "Now I also look at photography as an opportunity to see and capture amazing people, places, and things, and share those with people who may not get to experience them in their day-to-day lives," he said.

He's done just that, traveling around the world to document our fair planet. You can find many of these pictures on his Instagram account, along with those of his favorite subject, Israel, a country that he visits several times a year for both work and play.

Tel Aviv traffic (L) and downtown Tel Aviv (R) on a rainy evening.

Tel Aviv traffic (L) and downtown Tel Aviv (R) on a rainy evening, as seen on Elan Kawesch's Instagram account. (Photo: Elan Kawesch)

"Israel is a photographer's dream. It's an amazing intersection of everything you could ever think of, all packed into one small piece of land," he explained.

Elan Kawesch Elan Kawesch

"There's an amazing juxtaposition of modernity and history that can't be found in many other places. The landscapes are picturesque, the people are animated, and there is potential for a new adventure around every corner."

So, where else has this young photographer been that has left an indelible mark on his art? "If I had to choose just one place that really left me in awe, that would be Tikal, a ruined Mayan city in the middle of a rainforest in Northern Guatemala," he said.

"I climbed Temple IV, the tallest pyramid in the ruins. From the top of the pyramid you could see for miles across the canopy of the rainforest below, with just the tops of a few other ruins poking through."

He did, of course, snap pictures of this trek and much else during the trip, which is both his good fortune and ours; because a glimpse into the world Elan Kawesch captures with his camera is quite a sight to see.

Tikal, a ruined Mayan city in the middle of a rainforest in Northern Guatemala. One of the Temples in Tikal, a ruined Mayan city in the middle of a rainforest in Northern Guatemala. (Photo: Elan Kawesch)


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