Stephen Colbert Stephen Colbert A voice you can trust to not crash your car. (Photo: Screenshot / Youtube)

Why it sounds like Stephen Colbert is in your car

And why he's such a backseat driver.

That satiric voice you can trust is no longer trapped on your laptop screen. The new host of "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" has partnered with GPS app Waze, which makes real-time updates to driving directions by gathering traffic information from Waze users.

The bottom line: You can get Colbert's voice to direct you around town and give you important driving information like "Ugh, traffic. My least favorite kind of jam." Check out his promotional video here:

By lending his voice to the Israeli-founded and Google-acquired Waze, Colbert joins the ranks of celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and Arnold Schwarzenegger, because we apparently live in an age where celebrities are excited to be our chauffeurs.

Make sure to download fast though; Colbert's voice will only be available from Sept. 8-23, just ever so coincidentally in time for his debut on "The Late Show" on Sept. 8. We've got a Colbert-y September ahead of us.


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