The Google Escape Bus The Google Escape Bus The Google Escape Bus is Google's mobile version of the popular escape room. (Photo: Faceook)

What exactly is the Google Escape Bus?

Escape rooms have gone mobile thanks to Google.

Escape rooms are all the rage these days. And as a result, facilities offering the themed adventure games, in which players solve a series of puzzles to "escape" the room, have popped up all over and are flourishing.

But what if you don't have access to an escape room? Well leave it to Google to solve that problem.

The technology giant has created the Google Escape Bus, a mobile escape room that comes to you.

The interior of the Google Escape Bus.The interior of the Google Escape Bus is meant to be reminiscent of what a touring rock band's might look like. (Photo: Facebook)

The first iteration has recently launched in Israel, where it will be touring the country over the next several weeks.

At each town along its route, the bus will be available to pre-selected groups of five that will be tasked with a specific obstacle they must overcome – that they are part of a rock band whose members have lost their stage-access tags. It's then their mission to enter the "band’s bus" and find new ones. Once they find them, they've "escaped."

The Google Escape Bus in IsraelThe Google Escape Bus will travel to several cities throughout Israel during the month of June. (Photo: Facebook)

Without outside help, each group will have half an hour to try and solve the riddles on the bus using five of Google's popular apps: Translate, Photos, Maps, Search and Drive.

A Google spokeswoman told Israeli media that the Google Escape Bus is meant to not only celebrate the escape room, but to showcase how the company's apps can collectively help users solve a variety of life problems.

No word yet on where the bus will go after its tour of Israel or if other versions will pop up elsewhere. But Google has a history of taking a concept and then scattering it across the globe.


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What exactly is the Google Escape Bus?
Google is capitalizing on the escape room's popularity to launch a mobile version.