Tree pose at sunset in Tel Aviv Tree pose at sunset in Tel Aviv Tree Pose in Tel Aviv at sunset – there's nothing like it. (Photo: David Mckee / Shutterstock)

What yoga looks like around the world

These beautiful photos are sure to inspire your asanas.

There's nothing quite like a yoga session outdoors. Whether you're in a big city group or alone on the seashore, there's something about being able to reach to the wide open sky that adds an extra boost of energy to your yoga practice.

From the mountain top of the Himalayas to the shores of the Dead Sea, take a deep breath and tour the world through these asana-focused photos:

Yoga on Lake Lugano off the coast of ItalyLake Lugano, situated between Switzerland and Italy, is a stunning place for yogis to practice their tree poses. (Photo: Vogel/Shutterstock)

Yoga in HimalayasThe serene setting of the Himalayan Mountains is the perfect place to reach toward the sky. (Photo: My Good Images /Shutterstock)

Yoga on the Dead Sea shoreA woman gracefully executes Dancer's Pose at the Dead Sea's shore in Jordan. (Photo: Colin Tsoi/Flickr)

Backbend on the Great Wall of ChinaThe Great Wall of China is an epic setting for a backbend! (Photo: RHIMAGE/Shutterstock)

Woman sits serenely at the base of Ouzoud Falls in Morocco Looking for a serene setting to practice your Lotus Pose? There's no place quite like Ouzoud Falls in Morocco. (Photo: Ollyy/Shutterstock)

Group yoga in Sydney's Hyde ParkA group practices yoga in Hyde Park at the annual Sydney Festival in Australia. (Photo: Aleksandar Todorovic /Shutterstock)

Yoga on Tel Aviv beachThe sandy beach of Tel Aviv offers a serene spot for yoga. (Photo: imke.stahlmann/Flickr)

Yoga on Toronto's Central IslandToronto's Festival of India celebrates all facets of Indian culture, including yoga. Central Island offers a breathtaking setting for those wishing to give yoga a try. (Photo: Lucy/Shutterstock)

Group practicing yoga on Dominican Republic beachPeople gather for a morning yoga class at Punta Cana beach in the Dominican Republic. (Photo: Lester Balajadia/Shutterstock)

Yoga class in Times SquareA group practices yoga in an unexpected place: New York City's Times Square. (Photo: lev radin/Shutterstock)

Yoga pose on top of Manhattan buildingIf you're truly dedicated to your craft, you can find a suitable spot anywhere to practice your yoga poses – like the roof of a Manhattan building. (Photo: Emma Jones /Shutterstock)

Tree Pose in the Dead SeaLocated between Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea's therapeutic water is the perfect place to plant your feet for Tree Pose. (Photo: Ian Bothwell/Flickr)


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What yoga looks like around the world
From the mountain top of the Himalayas to the shores of the Dead Sea, tour the world with these yogis