friends on a ski trip friends on a ski trip Skiing is one of the best ways to spend your vacation, but planning it can be difficult and time-consuming. (Photo: YanLev/Shutterstock)

This site takes the hassle out of booking ski trips – and makes it less expensive

Online travel agency WeSki finds cheap rates, gathers your friends and simplifies planning.

A group of entrepreneurs got off their ski bums to make trip planning less of a pain in the rear. And they say their algorithm-enabled one-stop shop can save travelers an average of 20 percent over traditional travel agencies.

The site offers packages and planning that can be tailor-made to groups large and small. Now, you no longer have to be "that guy" who always gets stuck scheduling the entire trip, hitting up friends for money and having to wait until they pay to book, and getting saddled with all the details as the date gets closer. In fact, this site kind of is that guy.

It's called WeSki, and it's based in Tel Aviv, Israel. It's a place that's not exactly known for slopes, but it is indeed world famous for something else: entrepreneurship. The venture began as WeTrip, a tourism firm geared toward young adventurers. It was formed by four guys as part of a business incubator at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya – CEO Yotam Idan, David Ben-Zimra, Ben Lang and Roy Tzin. It's now grown to a 12-person workforce with offices in Israel and London.

WeSki travel site Online travel booking has gone to the slopes. (Photo: WeSki)

WeSki grew from the need to focus on ski trips as a point of hardship in travel planning, CEO Idan said. He's personally found it difficult to plan trips that suited him and his friends, and he wanted a simple, one-stop solution.

"Our dream is to help groups around the world to put together ski vacations with maximum ease and flexibility," CEO Idan said. "I believe that the venture will change the way in which skiers book their holidays, and save them from the need to call a travel agent."

A snowboarder enjoys the slopes at a ski resort in northern Israel. A snowboarder enjoys the slopes at a ski resort in northern Israel. (Photo: Jonathan Nackstrand / AFP/Getty Images)

Now, it's just gotten a big boost through an investment partnership with easyJet, a low-cost U.K.-based airline. WeSki is rolling out its services in Israel after a successful launch in the U.K. in September. The site offers packages with thousands of resorts and pulls all the details together for you, including lodging, flight, car rental, ski passes, ski or snowboard rental, and lessons. You can even allow others in your group to pay directly into your package through the site, so you don't have to charge one credit card (i.e. yours) for the entire purchase. And you can find out exactly how much each person in your group will have to pay, so no math needed.

And within each element of planning, all your questions can be answered. What's the drive like between car rental agency and hotel? How much trunk space does the car have? Can I walk to the ski lodge from my hotel? How high is the highest point at the resort? What are the difficulty levels of each slope?

“You can tailor-make your own package with 100 percent flexibility,” Idan said.


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