Herzliya Herzliya The coastal city of Herzliya is home to some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean. (Photo: Jesse Peters / YouTube)

Take an aerial tour of a beautiful Mediterranean city

Coastal city of Herzliya in Israel is popular with surfers, beachgoers and recreational boaters.

In the last several years, the rise of the consumer aerial drone industry has completely transformed the ways we view our world. Perspectives, once limited to what could be achieved from the ground, have been dramatically expanded – giving photographers and videographers alike access to a world once exclusively the domain of birds

Naturally, the web has been flooded with gorgeous aerial videos featuring everything from icy landscapes to fiery volcanoes to coastal paradises. For those of us coming out of winter, the latter in particular offers a nice reminder that warmer weather is just around the corner. With that in mind, take a few moments to sit back and enjoy this gorgeous beachside view of the city of Herzliya. 

Herzliya, located on the central coast of Israel, plays host to beachfront hotels, high-tech companies (such as Apple's largest office outside the U.S.), and a large amount of nightclubs and restaurants. 

As one would expect, it's also a very popular destination for boaters, families and beach sports – with decent surf awaiting those willing to grab a board and spend a day riding the waves. Want to just relax and play in the sand? The miles of beach offered are not only beautiful and clean, but also never truly crowded like other seaside hotspots. And for anyone who loves sunsets, stick around for dusk: Many people have rated Herzliya's as some of the best in the world. 


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