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Stunning beach scenes that will make you long for warmer, sunnier weather

It's not sweatpants-and-hoodies season everywhere. Enjoy these sigh-inducing warm-weather locales.

Looks like Old Man Winter has awakened from his unusually long slumber. As temperatures plummet, we pile on the layers, longing for sunnier, warmer days. And we look at photos – lots of them. Photos that look nothing like what we're actually experiencing. Here are 9 breathtaking beach scenes from the best warm-weather locales around the world, sure to give you serious (but totally understandable) summer envy.

Sydney, Australia

A beautiful morning at the North Curl tidal pool on Sydney's Northern Beaches during almost high tide.A beautiful morning at the North Curl tidal pool on Sydney's Northern Beaches during almost high tide. (Photo: Rene Kisselbach/Flickr)

Sunset on a beach is one thing. Sunset on a beach reflecting onto a one-of-a-kind tidal pool depicted in a long-exposure photo from one of Australia's most exquisite beach destinations is quite another. The Northern Beaches are conveniently located just outside the city of Sydney and boast some of the country's best surfing.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, ThailandDog selfies abound in Phuket, Thailand. (Photo: Cat Burton/Flickr)

Whether you're a beach lover or a serious diver, you're bound to find something to love in Phuket, a rainforested, mountainous island in the Andaman Sea. When you're not perusing the island's many high-end seaside resorts, spas and restaurants, you'll find a casual vibe in the main town of Patong.

Netanya, Israel

The coast of Netanya, IsraelThe coast of Netanya, Israel. (Photo: vvvita/Shutterstock)

This beach, in the tranquil coastal city of Netanya overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, boasts a glass-walled elevator that allows pedestrians to get from the city center to the beach without missing hang time. Above the beach is a ridge of rugged cliffs with a long promenade, perfect for breathtaking views.

Milos Island, Greece

Sunbathers frolic on Sarakiniko beach, Milos island, Cyclades, Greece.Sunbathers frolic on Sarakiniko beach, Milos Island, Cyclades, Greece. (Photo: Josef Skacel/Shutterstock)

When it comes to beach vacations, Greece is the word. This narrow slit of beach, called Sarakiniko, is wedged between majestic white rocks allowing beachgoers to choose the terrain on which to sunbathe. Not surprisingly, Sarakiniko is the most photographed landscape along the Aegean Sea.

Destin, Florida

Destin is an up-and-coming beach destination in South Florida.Destin is a beach destination in the Florida Panhandle. (Photo: Rene Rivers/Flickr)

Once a small fishing village, Destin is now one of Florida's most sought-after vacation spots. The reason for this is twofold: It's a more relaxed alternative to the hustle-bustle of South Florida; and its water temperature is relatively warm year-round thanks to the Gulf of Mexico. Dive in and enjoy.

Boracay, Philippines

White Beach in Boracay, Phillippines.White Beach in Boracay, Philippines. (Photo: Trent Strohm/Flickr)

Is it sand? Is it snow? Is it magic? We're pretty sure if you're lucky enough to be on this idyllic beach in the Philippines right now, you don't care – you're too busy lapping up this amazing stretch of dreamy white sand and crystal-turquoise water. The island itself is only 4 square miles, but Boracay's fun-filled resort atmosphere is nothing short of tremendous.

Malé, Maldives

Locals and tourists relax on city beach. This is the only artificial beach in Maldives.Locals and tourists relax on city beach. This is the only artificial beach in Maldives. (Photo: pisaphotography/Shutterstock)

We just can't get enough of that color scheme – rich blue sky, crisp blue-green water, smooth white sand. The palm trees don't hurt either. Just drink in this picturesque scene in Malé, a beach off the densely populated capital of the Maldives, a tropical island nation in the Indian Ocean. And start saving up for the airfare.

Maui, Hawaii

Tourists enjoy Makena Beach in a sunny day in Maui, Hawaii.Tourists enjoy Makena Beach on a sunny day in Maui, Hawaii. (Photo: Eddy Galeotti/Shutterstock)

Makena Beach is nicknamed "Big Beach," which is fitting – it's one of the largest beaches on the Hawaiian island of Maui, with golden sands extending nearly 2/3 of a mile long and 100 yards wide. Aside from being extremely beautiful, it's also a desirable location for those who want to avoid the crowds at more populous beaches on the island like Lahaina and Kaanapali.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Portal Maya monument is shown as a window to the Caribbean Sea in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.Portal Maya monument is shown as a window to the Caribbean Sea in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. (Photo: Jose Ignacio Soto/Shutterstock)

It's one of Mexico's hottest tourist meccas, but don't let that discourage you – the coastal city of Playa del Carmen is still rich in history, culture and beauty, not to mention its stellar reputation as a top scuba and snorkel destination. After a day of water sports and sunbathing, you might enjoy a stroll through town and a meal at one of the city's dozens of restaurants. And don't forget to leave time for people-watching!


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