Flowering meadows near the Tavor Stream Flowering meadows near the Tavor Stream Flowering meadows cover the hills surrounding the Tavor Stream. (Photo: benkatz100 / Flickr)

Stroll along the Tabor Stream

With trails winding through flowering meadows, this nature reserve is an unforgettable springtime destination.

March is the pinnacle of hiking season in Israel – and no better place embodies that than the Nahal Tavor Nature Reserve. With lush green fields stretching across rolling hills, wildflowers abound. Winding trails take visitors through meadows, down through a scenic valley and up high for epic vistas. 

Tavor river valleyThe breathtaking valley formed by the Tavor River is covered in flowers during springtime. (Photo: benkatz100/Flickr)

The Nahal Tavor, or Tabor Stream, flows in the Lower Galilee region of Israel, from Nazareth to Mount Tabor. It even flows through a basalt canyon before meeting up with the Jordan River in one of the most gorgeous valleys in the country. 

Dog walking along Tavor Stream trailDog-friendly trails encourage exploration with your four-legged friend. (Photo: benkatz100/Flickr)

As winter comes to a close, wild lupins, cyclamens and anemones give the green hills a multicolored hue. The area is also host to plants both common and rare to the Mediterranean region.

Winding trailVisitors walk the winding trail at the nature reserve. (Photo: benkatz100/Flickr)

With a trail stretching nearly 5 miles, visitors can spend the day walking and admiring the scenery. If they're lucky, hikers may catch a glimpse of one of the hundreds of deer that reside within the reserve. Martens, porcupines and even jackals also make rare appearances.

In a single afternoon and for no charge at all, the Nahal Tavor Nature Reserve offers the chance to immerse yourself in nature – visitors can walk the wide open hills, explore streams and waterfalls, spot wildlife, and even catch a glimpse of a vast basalt canyon. All in all, we'd say that's an A+ hike.


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