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Waze for walkers: A new way to navigate a city on foot

Park your car and get on your feet. SideKix is a new app just for pedestrians.

It's not easy being a pedestrian. You can't help feeling like the world wasn't built for you; it was built for cars, which are bigger and scarier than you and, in one errant move, can leave you within inches of your life. But you're just trying to find a coffee shop that isn't terribly crowded or an ATM that won't charge you $5 to withdraw your own money. Why should walking around a city be so difficult?

It shouldn't, and thanks to Sidekix, it doesn't have to be.

The three entrepreneurs behind the app – Jenny Drezin, a native New Yorker living in Israel who's admittedly had one too many traveling misadventures; Miron Perel, a graduate of the Technion Institute in Israel with a background in aerospace engineering; and Eli Baram, a computer science graduate of Tel Aviv University – thought that pedestrians were getting lost in the navigation shuffle and wanted to develop an app dedicated specifically to them. Thus Sidekix was born, a GPS platform that uses interest-based routing – suggesting places and things to do based on the user's passions – to enhance the experience.

Or, according to CEO Perel: "It's an urban navigation app that offers you a personalized walking experience to get you to your destination in a better, more interesting way."

From fashion, food, culture, art and nightlife to simply finding safer, well-lit routes at night, Sidekix is designed to find routes based on your preferences. You can also add specifications to routes, such as stopping at an ATM and grocery store on the way to a friend’s house.

And though it was developed in Israel, Sidekix is now available in more than 100 cities worldwide, including Tel Aviv, New York, London, Rome, Barcelona, Boston and San Francisco, and new cities are added regularly. It's available for free in the App Store and Google Play.


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Waze for walkers: A new way to navigate a city on foot
SideKix is an Israeli-developed GPS app that helps walkers get around their city.