Want to explore only the parts of Paris that interest you? A new site can help you. Want to explore only the parts of Paris that interest you? A new site can help you. Want to explore only the parts of Paris that interest you? A new site can help you. (Photo: Luciano Mortula / Shutterstock)

Travel bot books personal European dream trip at agent prices

Experience the road less traveled with the one-stop-shop booking site.

You and your best friend both love beaches, crumbling castles, wild mushroom hunting and staying in Italian villages (that your economy car can barely squeeze though). Let’s say on your next trip to Europe, you want to avoid historical monuments, Greek discos, and those daunting on-again, off-again, one-city-wonder bus tours.

With these kinds of demands, your travel companion scratches their head, naturally, and goes back to that default bus package or a private VIP tour at outrageous prices. But doesn’t everyone want a personalized trip at the lowest possible price point?

The typical traveler will turn to a number of guidebooks and Facebook friends, but the advice about what to do can be overwhelming and even distracting. Before you hit a dozen travel review sites, you might find a friend in a new site built in Israel called RoutePerfect.

The website is like an online travel agent that you’ve sent to work after dispatching it with ridiculously specific instructions. You plug in your preferences of duration and location, and give the site basic information: Say you want to visit more beaches and fewer museums.

Will it be a solo adventure or a romantic trip this time? Perhaps you want to meet someone special along the way? Social butterfly or bookworm? Are you traveling on a shoestring? These are the kind of questions your RoutePerfect agent will ask you as it considers your trip itinerary.

The site works by booking tickets to events, flights and anything else you'll need – all in one click. Besides saving time, the company claims that you can save about 20 percent off bookings for every trip, reflecting deals the site has found with hotels and services along your way.

Marley Rilkoff, who works in the high-tech field in Las Vegas, is a fan of the new site. She has lived in Europe and traveled there extensively. When on-the-go, she’s looking for the authentic: “In terms of traveling in Europe, I always want the local experience,” Rilkoff told From The Grapevine.

“And when I am there, sometimes I miss out on a trip or something I wanted to see because I couldn’t find a local friend who could come with me to help point out the way to go.” Whether for holidays or business trips, RoutePerfect could be your new local friend.

“As I see it, this site could definitely help alleviate that process for booking on my behalf for my next trip. I like it,” Rilkoff added.

And it’s not just a press of the button and a take it-or-leave-it scenario. Even once RoutePerfect has suggested an itinerary, the website – which is free to try – lets you refine and customize your trip to exactly your liking.

When you are perfectly ready and sure of the result, several – even dozens of bookings – are completed in a click. You’re booked. No more doubts.

What to wear – or not – at the beach in Provence is, of course, still optional.


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