A bed of red anemone flowers A bed of red anemone flowers A bed of anemone flowers in southern Israel. (Photo: Yuval Shoshan / Flickr)

17 photos that capture the glory of the red anemone

These bright flowers blanket the northern part of the Negev desert during the Red South festival every February.

Every February, red anemones begin to bloom across southern Israel, carpeting the ground in brilliant shades of scarlet. Also known as the poppy anemone, this species of plants is one of the most beautiful flowers in the entire Mediterranean region.

In the four-week-long Red South festival, events run all month long to celebrate this delicate bloom, which is Israel's national flower. The festival encourages people to get out into nature and, quite literally, frolic through the fields.

With family-friendly weekend events, free guided tours, outdoor sporting like mountain biking and hiking, Thursday concerts, Friday farmers markets and restaurant tastings, the Red South festival has something for all. Highlighted attractions in the area include the Salad Trail, a maze, ATV exploration and several farms – including a sheep farm and an ostrich farm.

The romantic atmosphere surrounding Valentine's Day is not lost on the locals – visitors can purchase picnic baskets filled with organic veggies and local cheeses, fresh bread with jam and honey. There's nothing quite like sitting in a field of flowers to enjoy your lunch with a loved one!

In celebration of the red anemone season, we've rounded up some of the most amazing photos highlighting the beauty of the region.

Red anemone meadowA field of red anemone flowers in Israel. (Photo: Protasov AN/Shutterstock)

Macro photo of red anemone with water dropletsA macro photograph shows the details of water droplets on a red anemone flower. (Photo: Uzi Yachin/Flickr)

Red anemones in the Negev desertRed anemones in the Negev desert. (Photo: Uzi Yachin/Flickr)

Red anemones and eucalyptus treesRed anemones grow in eucalyptus forests in southern Israel. (Photo: Protasov AN/Shutterstock)

Israeli women pose for a selfie as they sit in a field of blossoming red anemone coronaria flowers. Israeli women pose for a selfie as they sit in a field of blossoming red anemone coronaria flowers. (Photo: Menahem Kahana / AFP/Getty Images)

Red anemone flowerAnemone coronaria flowers resemble poppies, lending them the nickname "poppy flower." (Photo: Ishai Parasol/Flickr)

Anemones grow in rocky fieldAnemones grow in a rocky field near Jerusalem. (Photo: Yaniv Ben-Arie/Flickr)

Underside of red anemone flowersAn artistic view of anemone flowers from below. (Photo: Uzi Yachin/Flickr)

Friends pose for a photo amidst the flowers in Israel in February, 2018. Friends pose for a photo amidst the flowers in Israel in February, 2018. (Photo: Menahem Kahana / AFP/Getty Images)

Red and yellow flowersAnemones grow side-by-side with pretty yellow flowers in a meadow in southern Israel. (Photo: Yaniv Ben-Arie/Flickr/Flickr)

Red anemones growingAnemones growing in Lahav, Israel. (Photo: Uzi Yachin/Flickr)

Red anemone flowers on green hillside Red anemone flowers grow at the bottom of a bright green hillside in the Pura Nature Reserve. (Photo: chany crystal/Flickr)

Red anemone flowerAn anemone flower in the gardens of Lakhish, Israel. (Photo: Uzi Yachin/Flickr)

Meadow of red anemone flowersA meadow of anemone flowers in the south of Israel. (Photo: Protasov AN/Shutterstock)

Honey bee pollinating red anemoneA honeybee pollinates an anemone flower. (Photo: Yuval Shoshan/Flickr)

Field of red anemones in forestRed anemones blanket the ground of the Shokeda Forest in Israel. (Photo: Zachi Evenor/Flickr)


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