The Ramon Airport near Eilat, Israel. The Ramon Airport near Eilat, Israel. The Ramon Airport is being touted as one of the most beautiful in the world ahead of its opening later this year. (Photo: Ramon Airport)

Tour one of the coolest new airports in the world

The surrounding Timna Valley is the inspiration behind Israel's Ramon Airport.

A lot of airports are no fun at all (we're looking at you, La Guardia). Their layouts are lethargic and confusing, their surroundings drab and industrial. Everything about them is a silent entreaty to get in and out as quickly as possible.

Israel's Ramon Airport is no such airport.

The Ramon Airport near Eilat, Israel. The Ramon Airport is expected to be a major hub for travelers to and from the resort city of Eilat. (Photo: Ramon Airport)

Located near Eilat, the Red Sea resort, it's slated to open later this year and might just rank among the world's most beautiful airports when it does.

This is not a surprise when considering it takes as its design inspiration the surrounding Timna Valley – or that the Israelis like their airports to be both functional and fantastic looking.

Liz Stinson, a design correspondent for Wired magazine, got an early look at the airport and agreed that it accomplished both feats."It's stunning, but more importantly it works well," she told from The Grapevine.

"It's a perfect balance of form and function – not an easy accomplishment given all the constraints airport designers face."

Main hall in Ramon Airport, Timna Valley, IsraelThe airport was designed to provide a comfortable, convenient experience for travelers. (Photo: Screenshot)

The airport is named as a tribute to Ilan Ram on. The Israeli astronaut, along with a team of Americans, tragically lost their lives in the 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.

Designed by Mann Shinar Architects, the airport is expected to service 2 million passengers, most of whom will arrive or depart via domestic airline Arkia or European carriers.

Many of the passengers will be headed to Eilat, but the surrounding desert and mountains are also a popular destination. With Jerusalem and Tel Aviv no more than 3.5 hours away by car, it will also offer an alternative to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport.


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