Sunset at Pura Nature Reserve Sunset at Pura Nature Reserve Sunset at the Pura Nature Reserve in the northern Negev desert. (Photo: Pablo Margulies / Flickr)

Pura Nature Reserve blends the best of both worlds

This stretch of land boasts sweeping fields, dense forests and a scenic pond.

When the hot Negev desert meets the cool, breezy northern climate of Israel, magic ensues. 

Boasting an impressive spring lineup of anemones, ranunculus flowers, papaver flowers, mandrakes and irises, it's a place where plants thrive and people come to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

Dawn at Pura Nature ReserveThe final moments before dawn in the Pura Nature Reserve are quiet and beautiful. (Photo: Flavio~/Flickr)

There's no doubt that spring is a great time to visit this nature reserve between the towns of Kiryat Gat and Be'er Sheva, but we've got a secret for you: so is winter.

Grassy fieldGrassy fields stretch as far as the eye can see. (Photo: Flavio~/Flickr)

Remarkably, the Pura Reserve takes on a bright green hue in the cooler months. Increased rainfall means the reserve's pond is full to the brim.

Sweeping view of Pura Nature Reserve from campsiteWith a view like this to wake up to, why not camp here? (Photo: Flavio~/Flickr)

The nature reserve is a wonderful destination for anyone who loves the outdoors, with ample opportunities for hiking, bird-watching and biking.

View from the tree on a hillThe southward view from Pura hill. (Photo: Aviram Ostrovsky/Flickr)

Anyone can stop by the reserve; no entrance fee is required. 

"Overall it's a nice place for a hike, mostly quiet, far from the big cities," photographer Pablo Margulies told From the Grapevine. 

Eucalyptus groveA eucalyptus grove borders the reserve, adding lush green beauty year-round. (Photo: Aviram Ostrovsky/Flickr)

Though it may be small, one thing is for certain: Pura Nature Reserve is a breathtaking locale any time of year –and we've got the pictures to prove it. 

Sunrise in a fieldA breeze blows through a field in the Pura Nature Reserve at sunrise. (Photo: Aviram Ostrovsky/Flickr)

Red anemone flower Red anemones carpet the forest floor during the early spring months at the Pura Nature Reserve. (Photo: Flavio~/Flickr)

Rolling fields in Pura Nature ReserveThe vast fields take on a new brightness in the early days of spring. (Photo: Aviram Ostrovsky/Flickr)

Hill on green grassy hillsEverywhere you look, the reserve offers scenic views. (Photo: Flavio~/Flickr)

Eucalyptus groveA eucalyptus grove borders the reserve, adding lush green beauty year-round. (Photo: Aviram Ostrovsky/Flickr)


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