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Ashkelon's ancient seaport

In southern Israel, an ancient port city offers spectacular views.

6 vacation spots to satisfy your inner philanthropist

Take a volunteer vacation that satisfies more than just your wanderlust.

A lively sunset over the Dead Sea

The sun sets over the lowest lake on Earth in this amazing photo.

Golden hour in the Hula Valley

No wonder the birds flock to this wetland locale in the fall – the view is incredible.

Finally! Peace and quiet for air travelers

Company develops noise-cancellng technology for airline seat headrests.

These photos will have you booking the next flight to Israel

Landscape photographer Noam Chen's HDR photos shed a colorful light on Israel's cities and landscapes.

Evening in Eilat

Wispy orange clouds frame the city skyline in this spectacular photo.

What makes a boutique hotel so special?

These travel hotspots run the gamut from historic to quirky, but they all have a few things in common.

Red sails on the Red Sea

A sailboat makes its way across the Red Sea off the coast of Eilat.

The future of cars: Doing less with more

Car services and ride-sharing are going global.

7 best mountain bike destinations on Earth

World's best mountain biking destinations.

7 castles that have been converted into hotels

You can actually spend the night in these centuries-old buildings.

7 of the most beautiful protected forests in the world

Trees still rule in these protected natural areas.

Captivating images from the Israel National Trail

Photojournalist hiking captures a stunning range of urban and natural wonders.

7 spa destinations for pampering moms-to-be

Expectant mothers can relax and rejuvenate with pregnancy massage and other body treatments.