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Take a tour of the world's happiest countries

With the release of the 2015 World Happiness Report, we're sharing what makes the top 15 happiest countries so great.

Tel Aviv city lights up at night

This dazzling long-exposure photo shows the bright streets of Israel's 'city that never sleeps.'

Scavenger hunt tours offer unique views of cities

Townies and sightseers alike are signing up for these brain-teasing expeditions.

Star trails spin over Ramon Crater

An advanced astrophotography technique shows a beautiful dance of stars through the Negev's night sky.

7 of our favorite variations on eggs Benedict

Whether you're eating breakfast, brunch or breakfast for dinner, these dishes are stacked full of flavor.

New airline features we'd like to see

Flying would be a pleasure if these amenities were added.

A sea of pink flowers

Springtime in Israel offers spectacular views of nature.

5 vacations you should spend your tax refund on

Buenos Aires, Maui and Netanya are affordable destinations.

Kim and Kanye travel to Israel

Celebrity couple brings child along for trip to the Mediterranean.

6 of our all-time favorite food trucks

Take a virtual culinary tour of some of America's most impressive masters of mobile food.

Graffiti at the beach

The ocean isn't the only eye candy on this Mediterranean beach.

Building a better future in Cameroon

Construction of a school in the African country brings hope.

Wine and Plenty festival celebrates boutique wineries

Annual gathering showcases Israel’s hidden vineyards, artists and food.

Take an aerial tour of a beautiful Mediterranean city

Coastal city of Herzliya in Israel is popular with surfers, beachgoers and recreational boaters.

Sunset turns the Red Sea gold

The sun's rays reach out over the Red Sea in this stunning evening photo.