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Float above the colorful buttercups

A hot air balloon ride is the perfect way to spend a warm afternoon in northern Israel.

What to eat at the world’s best food markets

These venerable emporiums offer fresh, seasonal food with a taste of local culture.

Take a morning stroll along Tel Aviv's beaches

Israel's Mediterranean coast is the perfect place for sticking your toes in the sand.

Vineyard tours worth traveling for

Wine and travel make the perfect blend at these beautiful resorts.

New battery charges your electric car in five minutes

StoreDot's quick-charge technology lasts for 300 miles and could revolutionize EV market.

A garden on a mountain

It's flowers all the way down.

From real-life Indiana Jones to motivational speaker

Adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, whose story of survival is being turned into a Hollywood thriller starring Kevin Bacon, leads a life that inspires.

Wine? Chocolate? Good food? It's all here at the Tishbi winery

Mellow wine, mellow people make for an enjoyable experience in Israeli wine country.

Are personal pods the next wave of urban transit?

We may soon be hailing driverless electric pods instead of cabs.

Elegant new urban scooter folds into a suitcase with the click of a button

Internet-connected ride also takes selfies, films video and becomes a WiFi hotspot.

6 train stations that are must-see destinations

These architectural marvels are worth a visit.

Follow the flower-lined path

Bright flowers adorn a path through Ashkelon National Park in this springtime capture.

Panoramic photos reveal personal glimpse of Israel

Artist uses old-school technique to showcase favorite cities.

When the desert blooms

Springtime in the Negev means flowers and butterflies galore.

What yoga looks like around the world

These beautiful photos are sure to inspire your asanas.