Everyone could live nomadic lives under this new plan. Everyone could live nomadic lives under this new plan. Everyone could live nomadic lives under this new plan. (Photo: chombosan / Shutterstock)

This plan for a town is straight out of a sci-fi movie

You would live in an automated driverless car, your phone number would be your address and drones would deliver services.

Imagine you didn't have an apartment or house. Instead, you had a driverless car that was like a house on wheels. So did all your friends; everyone lived in these moving houses, and your town's businesses and other services were designed for them.

This could become a reality. NewDealDesign, a San Francisco design company founded by Israeli entrepreneur Gadi Amit, has taken driverless cars quite a few miles into the future. The company came up with a new idea for towns made up entirely of driverless cars, where services come to you as you go wherever you want.

According to the company, the modern world has yet to really take advantage of the possibilities offered by driverless cars. Right now, people spend a ton of time commuting, especially between cities and suburbs. But if homes and services were automated and moving, there'd be no need to travel to get to a store, or maybe even to get to work.

Under this new plan, your phone number would become your new address. Groups of driverless cars, trucks and buses could get together and form temporary villages. Perhaps most interestingly, no one parcel of land would be worth more than another, since you wouldn't have to own or rent land to have a house or business.

"One other possibility, if I wanted to go more sci-fi, is that along the highways you’ll have moving, crawling communities," said Amit, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel. "Because a few of these zoom rooms could pick up a lane, slowly move, and you’d have a crawling party happening."

Drones on wheels could deliver services to people on the road. You could drive through the desert with your friends and get craft cocktails delivered on the way.

"We see a lot of possibilities here that are currently not explored," explained Amit. "The urban/suburb effect of these cars is not being covered ... Maybe you’ll drive around the countryside while getting the best services."

Honestly, we're not so sure about this plan, mostly because you can already live in a car. It's called being homeless. As for cities made of houses on wheels ... Those are trailer parks.

Many people don't want to live out of their cars because houses are better for a variety of reasons – they have rooms you can stand up in, for instance. Full-sized beds. Kitchens. Besides, commuting sucks. This idea would essentially turn our lives into one giant commute.

But we're not so sure this idea is really about reality. Maybe it's about what could be, rather than what should be. The idea latches onto some important trends about the present – long commutes, driverless cars, amazing new technology – and tries to put them together in a new way. Technology will certainly change the world, and it's up to innovators to dream up the best ways for this to happen.

The idea of a car-based city may not be all that practical, but it could lead us to a creative breakthrough that changes the world. Besides, it's kind of awesome.


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