Partying at the world's first lifeguard tower hotel. Partying at the world's first lifeguard tower hotel. Partygoers at the world's first lifeguard tower hotel did not waste the opportunity. (Photo: Facebook)

This video shows how you party in the world's only lifeguard tower hotel

A DJ, some friends and, well, you get the idea.

When spending the night in the world's first lifeguard-tower hotel, there are many ways to keep entertained ... one of them being this:

Fun times indeed. The party was hosted by Belgian duo Marie-France Vodikulwakidi and Ruth Van Soom, who were among the winners of "#TakeMe2TelAviv."

The Instagram competition awarded a lucky few the chance to visit the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv, Israel, and spend one of 10 available nights in a unique residence by the sea.

While some guests spent their lone night quietly enjoying the amenities on offer like a personal butler, evening room service and an Israeli-style breakfast, Vodikulwakidi and Van Soom spent it with a DJ, some Tubi 60 and a handful of new friends.

The world's first lifeguard tower hotel.This lifeguard tower in Tel Aviv, Israel, was turned into a hotel for two weeks this past March. (Photo: Guy Yechiely)

The unique concept was a one-off initiated by international hotel brand Brown Hotels. It's about to revert back to being a regular lifeguard tower. Good news for the many beachgoers there, not so much for Belgian ladies looking to have a night of a lifetime in Tel Aviv.


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