Carmel Winery's Instagram-friendly plates Carmel Winery's Instagram-friendly plates Ceramic artist Witnesses Nissani designed Carmel Winery's Instagram-friendly plates. (Photo: Carmel Winery)

Foodie photographers rejoice: Restaurant designs its plates for social media

'Food-O-Graphy' captures the perfect shot of gourmet food for your Instagram.

There are diners who take food pics and post them online, thinking their friends would want to see them for some reason. We know, you probably just fell over in shock. Who would do such a thing (cough)?

Recently, a restaurant in Israel has taken this phenomenon to a new level: Carmel Winery is designing a meal experience for social media photographers, which they call "Food-O-Graphy." The winery’s video explains that “Food-O-Graphy” is “the world’s first Instagram dishes designed solely for the purpose of capturing the perfect shot of gourmet food through the lens of a smartphone.”

The company hired a ceramics artist to design custom plates for smartphone photography. One plate has a high backdrop to keep background interference out of photos. Another, called “The 360,” revolves like a lazy Susan, making it great for shooting video footage of sauce drizzling over food and other hypnotic images. All plates have built-in stands for smartphones.

Customers bring their smartphones to tasting workshops, featuring dishes like duck breast with pickled pumpkin and cream cherries. A food photographer is on hand to offer tips on shooting food with smartphones.

The whole enterprise has been successful. All of these workshops lately have been booked, and waiting lists are growing.

Well played, Carmel Wineries. Well played indeed.


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