Panoramic view of Old City of Acre Panoramic view of Old City of Acre This green space gives a lovely view of the Old City. (Photo: Protasov AN / Shutterstock)

Explore the beautiful port of Acre

Ancient architecture meets modern merrymaking in this must-visit Mediterranean city.

In the northernmost tip of Israel's Haifa Bay, an ancient city blends East with West and old with new. The old city of Acre has been inhabited since 3000 BCE, and traces of its long history live on – from the tall sandstone walls to the colorful markets and even through tunnels beneath the city streets. Though its history is evident everywhere you look, Acre has flourished to become a popular, modern Mediterranean port with its trendy restaurants and rich performance culture.

Sunrise through clouds in Acre's marinaA cloudy sunrise at the marina. (Photo: Rostislav Glinsky/Shutterstock)

First and foremost, Acre is a port city – and it rivals even the most beautiful Mediterranean ports with its striking appearance. Its seaside location as a peninsula in the northern coastal plain of Israel allowed for the connection of many cultures throughout the centuries, from Greeks and Romans to the diverse population that resides there today. The port remains a key part of the city's economy, with a focus on fishing and water sports.

Beautiful Medieval stone ceilingsVisitors can tour the impressive Medieval remains of the knight's halls. (Photo: Moreno Soppelsa/Shutterstock)

Despite being one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the Mediterranean, Acre's historic architecture has been remarkably well-preserved over the years, earning the Old City a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Several walking tours focus on the city's history, taking visitors through time to learn about each fascinating feat of architecture.

Woman sees her shadow in a tunnel beneath AcreVisitors can also tour the tunnels beneath the city. (Photo: James Guppy/Flickr)

Even going out on your own, the opportunities for exploration are endless. Tunnels under the city make for an exciting underground adventure.

Old building in Acre with colorful windowsThe buildings in Acre are just as striking as the natural scenery. (Photo: Protasov AN/Shutterstock)

Above ground, the city is vibrant with life. Modern flare tops layers upon layers of old architecture for a style of its very own. On sunny spring or fall days, the city is in its finest form for an afternoon stroll.

Fruit standStreet market vendors sell colorful fruit. (Photo: Aleksandar Todorovic/Shutterstock)

Markets old and new bring a burst of color to the streets of Acre. Their variety is reason enough to visit the city.

Bags of spices in Acre's street marketSpices, seeds and grains are plentiful in Acre's markets. (Photo: Alexey Stiop/Shutterstock)

Market Street runs through Old Acre, where stalls and shops sell everything from fresh fish to sweet treats.

Plate of hummus and pita on outdoor terrace in AcreAcre is host to one of the most popular hummus restaurants in Israel. (Photo: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock)

With fresh ingredients at the market, it comes as no surprise that Acre's restaurants are top-notch. The city plays host to one of the most popular hummus eateries in Israel and the world-renowned seafood fare of Uri Buri restaurant.

Green archway in the Bahai GardensA topiary archway in the Bahai Gardens. (Photo: kavram/Shutterstock)

For nature lovers, gardens and greenery dot the city. The two most remarkable gardens are the Enchanted Garden and the Bahai Gardens. The Enchanted Garden is at the entrance of an ancient fortress while the Bahai Gardens adorn the area surrounding the shrine of the leader of the Bahai faith. Both locations offer gorgeous foliage and dreamy, meandering pathways.

Sun shining on walls of Acre through cloudsThe sun's rays set the walls of Acre aglow in the evening. (Photo: Rostilsav Glinsky/Shutterstock)

The city's walls are by far its most iconic feature and the best vantage point for a romantic sunset stroll.

Twilight in Old AcreIn the evening, lights glow in the Old City. (Photo: Alexandra Lande/Shutterstock)

In the evening, Acre's youthful spirit emerges in the form of coffee under the stars, entertainment in the theater or sightseeing on an evening cruise. 

Like day and night, the city makes a grand transformation.


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Explore the beautiful port of Acre
Ancient architecture meets modern merrymaking in this must-visit Mediterranean city.