Einstein statue Einstein statue The Einstein statue on The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's campus is the second in the city to commemorate the theoretical physicist. (Photo: Youtube)

Einstein statue unveiled at university campus

8-foot tall sculpture celebrates the 100th anniversary of the physicist's theory of relativity.

Albert Einstein is getting more love from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem on the centenary of his discovery of the theory of relativity. This time it's an 8-foot-tall bronze statue of his likeness, which the school unveiled Wednesday.

Designed by sculptor Georgy Frangulyan in Moscow, the statue sits in front of the National Library. It is the second statue dedicated to Einstein in the city. The first bronze statue was unveiled decades ago and sits in the garden of the Israel Academy of Sciences. Jerusalem has a special fondness for the theoretical physicist, who co-founded Hebrew University. An ardent supporter of the school, he bequeathed his entire estate to it.

Last month the school announced plans to erect the first museum in the world dedicated solely to Einstein and his work. Plans were also announced for world-renowned designer Ron Arad to create a 3D-printed book and for an IMAX film to be produced.

Einstein giving a speech at Princeton University in 1950. Einstein giving a speech at Princeton University in 1950. (Photo: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

Hebrew University has taken an active role in celebrating the legacy of Einstein. A decades-long joint digitization effort between the school and Princeton University Press came to fruition late last year when The Einstein Papers Project launched. It is an initiative to create an online searchable database of more than 80,000 documents and copies of documents produced by Einstein.

In addition, the university also sponsors The Next Einstein competition, an annual search for innovation and ideas that could change the world.


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