nissim kahlon apollonia nissim kahlon apollonia The cliff-side dwelling of Nissim Kahlon is just one of many highlights for visitors to Apollonia National Park in Israel. (Photo: Jesse Peters / YouTube)

Drone photographs incredible hobbit home on the Mediterranean

Apollonia National Park is home to many historical wonders and a unique cliffside dwelling.

Are you ready for your own bird's-eye view of a seaside national park? In an effort to bring a new dimension to the beauty of Apollonia National Park in Israel, amateur drone pilot Jesse Peters sent his aerial quadcopter high above the crashing surf and limestone cliffs – exposing the historical ruins, natural beauty, and eclectic wonders that make up this treasured site on the Mediterranean.

Located only a few miles outside the city of Herzliya, just north of Tel Aviv, Apollonia National Park is considered by some to be one of Israel's best-kept secrets. Like other coastal cities along the Mediterranean, the site features stunning sunset views and opportunities for hikes along the cliffs and sandy beaches. What really makes Apollonia stand out, however, is its history – featuring a 13th-century fortress and the remains of a Roman villa – and the cliffside hobbit home of artist Nissim Kahlon.

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Since 1970, Kahlon has been excavating a maze of tunnels and rooms into the limestone under Apollonia. Those walking the beach along the national park can witness firsthand his determination to literally carve out his own sprawling hobbit palace along the coast. You may even run into Kahlon himself, as he often roams the coast looking for seashells to decorate with.

Apollonia is one of nearly 50 national parks found throughout Israel. Everything from unique geology to dense forest trails and hikes through verdant, unending plains await those explorers looking to stir their sense of wonder. Interested in a place to start? Check out our list of the country's varied environmental wonders as a primer for your next visit.


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