israel israel A new drone flyover shows off this country's incredibly varied climates and terrain. (Photo: Israel)

Come along for the ride! A drone flies over an entire country

Take in some epic highlights from one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful regions.

Aerial drones have given us eye-opening tours over Iceland, Scotland and the Hawaiian island of Oahu, but rarely has one managed to capture so much variety as this breathtaking new flyover of Israel.

The sheer amount of man made and natural wonders on display from this country on the Mediterranean is dizzying – from rolling green hills to wave-kissed beaches, dense forests and hilltop ancient ruins. Israel's urban centers also get the aerial treatment, with panning shots of hotspots like Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, recently named the "world's sexiest city," filling the frame.

Some highlights to catch in the video above include the Hula Valley, a lush area of wetlands that's home to one of the world's great raptor migrations; the Negev, a literal hotspot that attracts both campers and international mountain bikers; and the ruins of Masada, a rugged natural fortress overlooking the Dead Sea. All of this in a country about the size of the state of New Jersey.

As you'll see above, the azure waters, sandy beaches and lush vineyards of Israel are alone enough to warrant looking up plane fares immediately.


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