Parking Garages can be costly and inefficient. A new automated system should change that. Parking Garages can be costly and inefficient. A new automated system should change that. Parking has become costly and complicated. A new automated system should help change that. (Photo: Brostock/Shutterstock)

Hassle-free garage parking is here

Automated parking system is more cost-efficient, safer and environmentally friendly.

Urban areas are becoming more crowded, meaning more cars and more competition for the few parking spots to be found at street level. One option is to park in a parking garage, but this comes with a hefty fee, not to mention several safety hazards.

So how to combat such problems?

Unitronics may just have the answer. The 27-year-old technology firm was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is still headquartered there, but in recent years has begun to make its mark in North America with its Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieval System (AVSRS).

AVSRS is fully automated and works like this: You leave your car to a network of automated robots, elevators and platforms, which find a free space for it within the facility. When you return, you pay the parking fee and then, according to Unitronics, it takes just two minutes for your car to be returned.

The system is beneficial to all involved. For parking garage owners costs of construction are reduced since there's no need to build ramps. There are no valets or managers to pay, and this lack of personnel means lighting costs are reduced significantly.

For car owners, there's no need to tip a valet or burn gas driving around looking for a spot. The possibility of being involved in a fender bender is also removed from the equation.

What's more, AVSRS is also beneficial to the environment.

"Since the vehicle’s engine is turned off during the entire parking process, our systems reduce the carbon footprint of the garage," Santiago Rodriguez, the company's North American sales manager in the Eastern Region, told From The Grapevine.

The company just opened its third such parking facility in North America, in Hoboken, N.J., and Rodriguez said they've "seen an uptick" in the number of inquiries about the system. The uptick is certainly set to surge once their new facility in Calgary, Canada, opens, as its 1,400 parking spaces will make it North America's largest automated parking facility.


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