"Tom" (top)  and "Nur" (bottom) from Ariel Pedatzur's "Lunch Zine." "Tom" (top)  and "Nur" (bottom) from Ariel Pedatzur's "Lunch Zine." "Tom" (top) and "Nur" (bottom) from Ariel Pedatzur's "Lunch Zine." (Photo: Ariel Pedatzur)

Foodie photographs her passion for lunch

Ariel Pedatzur's kooky pics give some food for thought.

Ariel Pedatzur is into food.

"I like to cook it, I love to eat it, I love to talk about it, to watch food programs, etc.," she told From The Grapevine.

As a budding photographer, it made sense, then, that she would take it as a theme for one of her first projects. Thus "Lunch Zine," an eccentric collection of photos of people eating lunch in Tel Aviv, Israel, was born.

But this documentation of her fellow twentysomethings in the city she calls home was a culmination of more than her love of food. It was also a natural way to satisfy a lifelong curiosity.

GabrielGabriel (Photo: Ariel Pedatzur)

"For people who have known me well for years, I'm always asking people I meet, 'What did you eat for lunch today?' So I wanted to express this question in a special way finally," she said.

She couldn't have picked a better city in which to do it. Tel Aviv has rocketed to the top of the global culinary world with its mix of cuisines that cater to vegetarian and carnivore alike.

"It's really common here that some people treat food like heaven," she said. "There's a big culinary scene and a lot of new restaurants opening all the time."

For Pedatzur, who was born and raised in Tel Aviv, it's also something of an ode to her hometown – and home country.

"Meny and Yarden" (top) and "Eyal & Noa" (bottom) from Ariel Pedatzur's "Lunch Zine.""Meny and Yarden" (top) and "Eyal & Noa" (bottom) from Ariel Pedatzur's "Lunch Zine." (Photo: Ariel Pedatzur)

"I wanted to show the colorful life here in Israel," she explained to us. "It gets its expression by the people I chose, the background, the real color of the photos and the food that they are eating."

The photos, culled from friends and strangers alike, were collected during her jaunts through the city at lunch hours. She wanted to depict the food and the people eating it, and looked to a time-honored publishing tradition for inspiration.

"I was very inspired by different zines and in some of them I saw this order of pictures side by side with another picture – and I really liked it aesthetically," she said, before adding, "It's also more powerful when you see the dish by itself as an object and then you see a person with the dish. It gives you the whole story and you can take it to wherever you want to go with it."

KarniKarni (Photo: Ariel Pedatzur)

At 21, Pedatzur has a lot going for her. She plans to further her study of the photographic medium at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, in Jerusalem, and she's also the vocalist in a popular Israeli band, Bones Garage, which just released its first album. Just like any good creative mind, though, she's not committing herself to anything just yet.

"What's next for me? That's a good question I never know."


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Foodie photographs her passion for lunch
Ariel Pedatzur's kooky photos around her hometown of Tel Aviv give some food for thought.