island island Drone photography captures a Tahitian paradise. (Photo: Dronestagr)

The year's best drone photography

Contest showcases a new aerial vision of the world.

With drone photography getting more accessible, we're accomplishing two things for society: 1) taking stunning aerial photos we could never have taken before and 2) filling the skies with robots. Finally. We've been waiting for that since the Jetsons. And we were on the younger side for that show.

In celebration of, presumably, both of these things, a photography contest has appeared on the scene. Dronestagram, a drone photography app, collaborated with National Geographic to comb through thousands of entries and pick out the best drone photos of the year. We loved the winners but were also pretty impressed by some of the other photo and video entries. Here are some of our favorites:

'Mont-Saint-Michel' by Wanaiifilms, France

islandA drone took this photo as a "supertide" came into the island. (Photo: Dronestagram)

'Sunset at Haifa' by Nir Hoffman, Israel

'Walton Lighthouse' by Rich Formica, California

'Where’s Wally' by FlyovermediaCy, Cyprus

Where's WallyThis picture book-perfect gang assembled at the Limassol Carnival. (Photo: Dronestagram)

'Kings Beach' by DronePromotion, California

lake tahoeThanks to the drone's unique angle, this photo gets both the shore line and the whole sunset into the frame. (Photo: Dronestagram)

'Caribbean coast of Venezuela. Small islands' by vectordragonfly, Venezuela

coastSmall islands off the Caribbean make for such interesting shapes and colors. (Photo: Dronestagram)

'O’Kane’s Laybay' by MichalOzmina, Northern Ireland

'Godshill, Hampshire' by Mark Baker, UK

'Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas, TX' by skylvlmedia

DallasWho knew this is what Dallas looks like on a cloudy day? (Photo: Dronestagram)


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The year's best drone photography
Contest showcases a new aerial vision of the world.