Sunrise at Dead Sea resort Sunrise at Dead Sea resort The Dead Sea is a romantic escape, with beautiful weather year-round. (Photo: kavram / Shutterstock)

9 Mediterranean honeymoon destinations

Explore the outdoors, relax at the beach and drink in the culture at these romantic locales.

With wedding season simmering down, it's time to talk honeymoons. For outdoor adventures under sunny skies and an abundance of delicious (and healthy!) foods, the Mediterranean is a must. Imagine: a long hike along the coast, a delicious dinner al fresco, a sunset splash in the sea – you'd be hard-pressed to find anything more romantic.

The best part? You could totally plan a honeymoon to all of these destinations. After all, their convenient concentration all around the Mediterranean Sea makes a plane ride a hop, skip and a jump. Take a virtual trip and see for yourself:

Santorini, Greece

Luxury hotel in Santorini boasts an outdoor pool with an amazing viewYou could stay at a resort with a pool, or you could stay at a resort with a pool with a view! (Photo: Olga Gavrilova/Shutterstock)

Ancient ruins and aged wine are as fine a pair as any. The Greek island of Santorini has plenty of both, in addition to myriad hiking, kayaking and food tasting opportunities. Sunbathe by the pool, stroll along the coast or visit the Santorini Volcano – it's easy to spend a week here, at least.

Eilat, Israel

Sunrise at resort in Eilat Resorts in Eilat offer many cozy spots for cuddling. (Photo: Sergei25/Shutterstock)

Commodious resorts cater to the luxury-seeking honeymooners while outdoor activities make Eilat a down-to-earth destination. Snorkeling amid the coral reef and scuba diving to explore shipwrecks are must-try activities if you visit Israel's southernmost city. Hop on a boat or pull out the binoculars for a bit of birdwatching – with so much to do, it's hard to sit still. (But if you do decide to sit, there are plenty of comfortable lounge chairs!)

Nice, France

Resorts line the coast of Nice, FranceThe French Riviera, or Cote d'Azur, is packed with resorts. (Photo: LiliGraphie/Shutterstock)

You can spend days walking around the city of Nice, taking in the architecture, history and flavors of the city. Bike tours add an extra element to sightseeing tours while plentiful parks offer lovely places to picnic. Try an afternoon at one of the many museums or a night at the opera for an immersive experience.

Costa del Sol, Spain

Sunset at Dona Lola holiday resortThe Dona Lola resort in Calahonda, Spain, is all sunshine and warm breezes. (Photo: Philip Bird LRPS CPAGB/Shutterstock)

Whether you're looking for an elite experience (spas, shopping, the whole shebang), or a simple stay with sailing and surfing, Spain's Costa del Sol has it all. Relax at the beach, stroll through the botanical gardens, take a tour of Málaga's gorgeous castles, try some tapas and explore the night life.

Dead Sea, Israel

Couple in Dead SeaA spa experience in the outdoors – a couple basks in the sun, covered in mineral-rich Dead Sea mud. (Photo: Flik47/Shutterstock)

Beach lounging meets a therapeutic spa experience at the Dead Sea. The lowest shore on Earth, things are different here. Floating in these waters, you can totally relax. There are plenty of parks and nature reserves nearby – with rewarding hikes dotted with surprise waterfalls. If you want an indoor spa experience, there are plenty of those, too!

Canary Islands, Spain

Taganana in Tenerife IslandSpain's Canary Islands are just begging for adventure. (Photo: Tatiana Popova/Shutterstock)

Don't plan on spending any time indoors if you choose to visit Spain's Canary Islands. Mountain climbing, cliff diving, village exploring and trail hiking are just a few of the outdoor activities that await you. Each island has its own unique culture and landscape to take in, from the sweeping sand dunes at Fuerteventura all the way up to the the massive volcano on the largest island of Tenerife.

Florence, Italy

Golden sunset over the Italian city of FlorenceSunset on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy. (Photo: Sebastien Burel/Shutterstock)

Revel in some of the most significant works of art in all of history in this breathtaking Italian city. Drink in the ancient art alongside the modern galleries – and of course, the wine. Hope on a bike, scooter or moped to explore every corner of the city. If that doesn't make you fall in love all over again, we don't know what will!

Sea of Galilee, Israel

View from building in Tiberias, Israel, to Sea of GalileeThe city of Tiberius overlooks the Sea of Galilee. (Photo: k45025 Rita K/Shutterstock)

Another scenic body of water, the Sea of Galilee is surrounded by green grass and shady trees practically made for strolling lovers. if you prefer to be out on the water, try windsurfing or a relaxing sail.

Israeli breakfast spread with wine in GalileeGalilee's beauty is not limited to the natural sights – this breakfast spread is a work of art! (Photo: Itamar Grinberg/Israel Tourism/Flickr)

Let's not forget about the culinary tours in Galilee! Get to know the regions artisanal side with delectable spreads of local wine, cheese, olives and more.


Monaco harbor full of yachtsStroll along the scenic harbors of Monaco. (Photo: Boris Stroujko/Shutterstock)

Gardens and museums can be found at every turn in this tiny Mediterranean country with big views. Enjoy the beach, or venture into the Monte Carlo Casino for a real thrill. Even if you're not a fan of racing, Monaco's car culture is worth checking out. Whatever you're in the mood for, Monaco has you covered.


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9 Mediterranean honeymoon destinations
Explore the outdoors, relax at the beach and drink in the culture at these romantic locales.