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8 kinds of people you’ll meet in bohemian neighborhoods

You'll recognize this cast of characters if you've ever lived in a 'cool' community.

Maybe it's the street art, or maybe it's the extra-strong coffee, but from New York to Tel Aviv to London, bohemian neighborhoods always manage to maintain a cast of entertaining characters. We'd like to take a moment and celebrate these unique folk. Such as ...

The girl who sells recycled bracelets, bird magnets and '70s Hustler magazines at the flea market

flea marketWhat's her target market, exactly? (Photo: nenetus/Shutterstock)

You wish you could've been there when she made her business plan. "Let's see ... I definitely want to make jewelry, and everybody loves birds. But I need a third item. Knit hats? Antique buttons? Not bad, not bad ... But people really need more skinny naked guys with giant mustaches in their lives."

The roommate who is never in town

airplaneHer frequent flyer miles are probably worth more than your paycheck. (Photo: Alexander Chaikin/Shutterstock)

She definitely rents a room in your apartment, and, like most city rooms, it's really expensive. But as far as you know, she's never slept there. She's always either on a business trip to Jerusalem or vacationing in Paris or visiting family in Wisconsin or "getting away" for the weekend. You start to wonder if you just imagined her.

The guy who built a stage with a full bar in his loft

stageA DIY bar would really impress your guests. (Photo: gpointstudio/Shutterstock)

Pretty impressive, right? He used an actual hammer and actual nails to make something that wasn't there before, and he invites local bands to play some splendid concerts at his place. Including, of course:

The four roommates who moved in together a year ago and only just discovered that they’re all musicians

bandIt's also why their Airbnb guest left early. (Photo: Nejron Photo/Shutterstock)

You'd think it would have come up at some point, but apparently they've all been leaving their guitars in separate studios. They're pretty excited, partly to have other artists to talk shop with, and partly because they're definitely about to start a band together. They won't even have to rent rehearsal space!

Great news for them, terrible news for the fifth roommate, who immediately went out and bought a pair of noise-cancelling headphones when she heard the news. It's OK, they'll buy her drinks at their concert.

The guy who dresses up in an Elvis costume and sings about the weather at midnight

elvisYou get the feeling that he could get arrested on a noise complaint, and then start singing "Jailhouse Rock." (Photo: Maridav/Shutterstock)

At first, you think he's performing for money. But you notice there's no tip jar. Moreover, the guy roams the streets in his blue suede shoes, never stopping long enough in one place to build up an audience. The goal here has got to be self-expression, and this particular self is a reincarnated '50s pop star who is way more into hurricanes than hound dogs.

The friend who gets a new job every few weeks

bartenderHis winning smile is totally a substitute for experience. (Photo: IAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV/Shutterstock)

He never seems to get fired, but he can't keep a job for a full month. He'll invite you to visit him at work, but you'll get there only to find out he's gone. And once he's out of a job, he gets a new one immediately, without ever filling out an application.

You don't understand why or how this happens, but there's definitely something impressive about it, in a Burt from "Mary Poppins" kind of way.

The friend who gets a new job every few weeks but somehow keeps the old ones

busyShe may have gotten into this mode during college finals and never got out of it. (Photo: Ollyy/Shutterstock)

Unlike the previous dude, this dog walker / delivery person / bartender / sandwich-maker isn't the "go with the flow" type. She wants to make money. And to make money, you have to get a job. So it makes sense that, if you want to make more money, you should get more jobs, right? If only that pesky time thing didn't get in the way.

The guy who is always in your favorite coffeeshop

coffeeshopMaybe he's writing a novel? (Photo: Yuriy Rudyy/Shutterstock)

You're up for grabbing a coffee at your local spot any time of the day, but he's there all day, every day. Sometimes with friends, sometimes (usually) on his laptop. At first, you thought he owned the store, but then you saw him use two "buy nine coffees, get one free" cards on the same day.

He doesn't have time to go to work or school, so he can't be calculating quarterly budgets or solving problem sets. Is he writing a novel, perhaps? But where can he possibly be getting his inspiration from? Maybe it's a novel about coffee?


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8 kinds of people you’ll meet in bohemian neighborhoods
You'll recognize this cast of characters if you've ever lived in a 'cool' community.