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7 travel fails and how to fix them

When things go wrong, try these surprisingly easy solutions.

Oh no, oh no. Oh no! When things go wrong in regular life, you usually know how to deal. But rules change when you travel, and you often find yourself in some pretty serious predicaments. But we've got you covered, you lost traveler, you. Here are some surprisingly easy solutions for common travel issues.

You lost your ID before your flight

Superbad McLuvinBecause you need something this convincing to get on a plane. (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)

For all security knows, you could be a Russian spy. Except a Russian spy would probably have a fake ID. Whatever, you could have been raised by wolves and just wandered into civilization. How do you prove you're not a wolf child?

Here's what you do: Bring any other identification you have (credit cards, work ID) and get to the airport early. The TSA will usually still let you fly, but you may have to answer some questions beforehand.

You miss your check-in time.

Inside Amy Schumer The concierge can be your best friend or worst enemy. (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)

Missing check-in at your hotel, Airbnb, hostel or wherever you're staying can indeed put your room in jeopardy, and after a day of traveling, homelessness is really not what you want.

Here's what you do: If you think you're going to be late, call ahead of time. These places are used to guests experiencing travel problems, and they'll often make some unfortunate employee stay late to check you in, as long as they know you're coming. And if that doesn't work, use Guesty to find and book a new room. It was created by Israeli twin brothers who were in the exact same predicament and decided to create a service to help.

The airline lost your luggage.


That sinking feeling you get when you're the last person waiting for your bags, and the conveyer belt is empty. It's a bit like being the last kid getting picked up after school, except in this version, you now don't have clothes.

Here's what you do: First, ask an airline employee what's going on. You may still get your bags yet! But if they're gone for good, fear not: When bags are lost domestically, airlines are liable up to $3,400 per customer. Plus, unlikely corporate superheroes may help you out: some credit cards actually offer compensation for lost bags (the Chase Sapphire Preferred, for instance).

You've been on the road for a while and you stink.

Due dateThe only think worse than stinking is being stuck with a travel buddy who stinks. (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)

If you're into camping or sleeping in your car during road trips, you may start to smell like that zoo you visited last week.

Here's what you do: Find a campground shower using app Camp Finder. Or try out Warm Showers, an organization designed to help travelers find showers, beds for the night, etc. If you travel regularly, it might be worth it to get a gym membership at a national chain, like L.A. Fitness or 24 Hour Fitness. You get access to showers, locker rooms, and hey, you can even stretch your legs and work out a little after all those cramped road hours.

You missed your flight.


You wake up late, your bus doesn't come, your cab gets stuck in traffic, and you're rushing, rushing to get there like Indiana Jones just barely sliding under that conveniently slow-moving wall. But you're no Indiana Jones, and the plane leaves without you.

Here's what you do: Go to the airport anyway. Most airlines have a "flat-tire rule" where, if you arrive only an hour or two late, you can get on standby for the next flight. Make sure to be super nice to the staff when you get there – the flat-tire rule is discretionary.

You can't figure out public transportation.

Broad CityIf you really want to get to know NYC on your next trip, spend the entire vacation on the subway. (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)

You show up in a new city with all the swagger of a local, but you quickly realize that you have no idea what a "green line" is or where the express train stops. Oh, and you don't know where to get a ticket or change for bus fare. A lost lamb, are you.

Here's what you do: Remember the internet? It's great. Google Maps, Moovit and a billion other items created by wide-eyed entrepreneurs can figure out transit directions for you. And if you're running late and don't have a bus ticket, just get on the bus and tell the driver you're from out of town. They'll often let you on with whatever change you have. If all else fails, tech like American app Uber and Israeli app GetTaxi can swoop in and save the day.

Crying baby on the plane


Sadly, short of studying the dark arts and learning how to hypnotize children, this is one perennial travel problem that has no solution. But there is a pretty cool way to cope.

Here's what you do: Find a plane with a quiet bubble! It's a device that can be embedded in headrests of airplane seats and creates a virtual bubble around your head, blocking out unwanted surrounding noise. How cool is that?


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7 travel fails and how to fix them
When things go wrong, try these surprisingly easy solutions.