Backpacking in the Upper Galilee region of Israel Backpacking in the Upper Galilee region of Israel Backpacking in the Upper Galilee region of Israel (Photo: leospek / Shutterstock)

7 Mediterranean backpacking trips to take this summer

For awesome hikes and epic views, check out these outdoor travel tours.

Planning a trip on a budget can be tough – but it gets a whole lot easier if you're the outdoorsy type! Backpacking is perhaps the most cost-efficient option for sightseers who want to trot the globe on a dime.

Instead of hopping on a pricey Mediterranean cruise, get up close and personal with nature by hiking through these gorgeous countries. Pack up your bag with the essentials and prepare to be amazed.

1. France

Backpackers hike to the Ville des Glaciers in FranceBackpackers hike to the Ville des Glaciers in France (Photo: Nando Machado/Shutterstock)

From the sweeping fields of the French countryside all the way to the top of the snow-capped mountains, France offers so much more than its crowded capital city.

Plan a day trip to Paris, of course, but focus your efforts on rewarding, rugged hikes through the Alps or the French Riviera. Camping is easy in France, but for those who prefer more structured accommodations, youth hostels and cheap hotels are abundant throughout the country.

Backpacking Guide offers a comprehensive guide to help you plan your backpacking trip to France.

2. Italy

A backpacker hikes along the cliffs of Cinque Terre in SpainA backpacker hikes along the cliffs of Cinque Terre in Italy. (Photo: Magnus Kallstrom/Shutterstock)

Camping in Italy is more like "glamping" – hot showers, modern restrooms and even laundry machines come standard in Italian "campeggios."

Camping Roma is a go-to option for just $40 a night near the city. Rural camping is also a must, with amazing hiking opportunities through the Dolomites, the famous Cinque Terre harbors and the gentler hills of Florentine. Revel in the presence of looming volcanoes, or take to the Amalfi coast for unforgettable sea views.

For more information on great places to hike in Italy, check out the list on Walks of Italy.

3. Israel

Trail weaves through high grass in northern israelBackpackers walk along the grassy landscape of northern Israel on the Golan Trail. (Photo: Asaf Eliason/Shutterstock)

Being such a scenic country, you can backpack all over Israel. From the lush green north to the breezy coastal plain and even vast rocky deserts, you can see the entire countryside of Israel in a single backpacking trip.

Dip into the Dead Sea, camp in the Carmel mountains, and follow a challenging hike in the Negev with unforgettable stargazing.

Check out the backpacking guide over at Tourist Israel for more information about planning a trip.

4. Spain

Backpackers may their way to the Pyrenees mountains in SpainBackpackers may their way to the Pyrenees mountains in Spain. (Photo: KIKETXO/Shutterstock)

From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the high peaks of the Pyrenees, you'll need no convincing to plan a walking holiday in Spain.

Spain's youth hostel network makes backpacking from the city to the wilderness easy and convenient with over 200 locations countrywide.

For a breakdown on the various regions in Spain and the best backpacking plans for each of them, read the Spain feature on Backpacking Guide.

5. Malta

Selmun Bay in Malta is a beautiful hiking destinationSelmun Bay in Malta is a bright and breezy hiking destination. (Photo: Malcolm Grima/Shutterstock)

For some of the best coastal camping, pack your bag and hike along Malta's shore. From Selmun Bay to the blue lagoon on Comino Island, clear skies and beach breezes are never far.

Boasting 600-foot-high cliffs, lush greenery and sandy beaches, the Maltese Islands beg for a nice long hike.

Several island adventures await you – check out the recommended treks on Air Malta's website.

6. Greece

Couple backpacks along Kalymnos Island in GreeceKalymnos Island is a must-see for island hoppers! (Photo: Photobac/Shutterstock)

Camp along the cliffs and beaches of Greece and live like a nomad by island hopping to see as many sights as you can during your trip.

Hostels come as cheap as $15 a night, but camping along the beach is also a wonderful way to experience this Mediterranean island. From breathtaking historic ruins of Meteora to the Patra Carnival and scuba diving in Santorini, you'll want to take it all in.

For more money-saving travel tips and a list of sights to see, check out the feature on Nomadic Matt.

7. Morocco

Backpackers set up camp in the evening in the Atlas Mountains of MoroccoBackpackers set up camp in the evening in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco (Photo: David Aleksandrowicz/Shutterstock)

Whether you're going hardcore in the Sahara or prefer to have the Atlas Mountains on your horizon, Morocco is an unexpectedly adventurous backpacking destination. Stay in guest houses or hostels, hike the rigorous terrain and explore Fez.

For more travel tips, read the detailed guide at Morocco's tourism website.


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