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6 Instagram travel pages you should be following

When the travel bug bites, these accounts are the antidote.

You know those days when wanderlust seems to come out of hiding and step out into your path like a sneaky housecat? Suddenly, every photo you see, every "What I did on my vacation" water-cooler conversation you overhear, every travel agency you pass on your way to work ... they're all reminders of all the amazing places you could be visiting right now. It's enough to make you want to ... plan a vacation already!

Can't go on vacation today? In the absence of real, tangible travel, we bring you ... Instagram. Here are eight spectacular Instagram accounts that will make you feel like you're right there, taking selfies in front of the most breathtaking landmarks and trekking through the most fascinating terrain – and looking remarkably photogenic through it all.

Juan Carlos M (@theonlyjuan)

On the 'gram, Peruvian Juan Carlos M is a man of few words and many poses. His travel photos reveal a thirst for both ancient architecture and modern ingenuity. His latest travels took him a bit closer to home, exploring the rocky Colca River and watching stunning wild vicunas frolic in southern Peru. He's been known to take detours off regularly scheduled excursions (what's a trip to the Grand Canyon while you're already in Vegas?) and post nothing but photos of fountains for days on end. And cats – lots of cats.

La Carmina (@lacarmina)

The Japanese-Canadian globetrotting fashion expert known as La Carmina has taken her "spooky-cute" Gothic persona across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, all with a film crew in tow. She's eager to find beauty in unexpected places and discover the unique gems of underground cultures that aren't widely featured in travel magazines or TV networks. It was that eagerness that led her to Israel in 2014, setting off a series of "wow" moments that shattered her preconceived notions of the region. Palm trees? Beaches? Trendy boutiques? Sushi? Tapas? "Israel is so much more than a historical landmark," she observed.

Traveling Vagabond (@travelingvagabond)

There's no stunt this guy won't try, no ledge he won't suspend himself from, to get a good picture. From the Mediterranean to the South Pacific, this 'grammer who identifies himself only as the Traveling Vagabond takes his almost 1,500 followers on a whirlwind world tour, traversing rough terrain, catching waves off tropical isles and getting eye-to-eye with zebras. There's a reason Instagram calls it "following" when you befriend someone on the network: You'll literally want to follow this guy around the world.

Prinlume (@prinlume)

If South America is on your bucket list and you just haven't been able to scrape the plans together, let this account spur you into action. The majestic beauty of Brazil's seemingly endless valleys is almost – we said almost – trumped by the adorableness of the ice cream-shaped purse worn by the star of this travel blog, known only as Prinlume. While plenty of the blogger's travels feature South American landscapes and landmarks, the couple who run this account have amassed thousands of images from pretty much all corners of Earth, from Bali to Shanghai to Edinburgh, all while looking incredibly dapper.

Jeremy Kuriloff (@kurlington)

What do you do when you finally get to check "See all Wonders of the World" off your to-do list? If you're an Instagrammer, you jump really high and take a picture, of course! Jeremy Kuriloff wasn't home much in 2014, as he managed to visit 27 countries and prove that it is, in fact, possible to travel the world while still holding down a job. He even gave his adventures a name: The Travel Genome Project. On his blog, he invites his followers to experience the "middle ground" he's found – that is, the place of compromise between "mindless corporate paeon" and "independently wealthy backpacker."

Katja Presnal (@katjapresnal)

You might call Katja Presnal the quadruple threat of the Instagram world. She's a photo-taking jetsetter, cinnamon-bun-baking housewife, marketing-loving businesswoman and "let's jump some more on the couch" type of mom. Born in Finland, Presnal moved to the U.S., married an American and has been traveling and blogging since 1997. Her three kids were born in three different countries. "We are a middle-class family and my husband has had full-time jobs with limited vacation days," Presnal told the Huffington Post." Yet we find ways to make family travel a priority for us. Our children have swum in the Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland and eaten lobster in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They learned to cook pasta dishes in Italy and to make ceramics in Finland." And in all that lobster-eating, lagoon-swimming and ceramic-making, Presnal always manages to take fantastic photos.


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6 Instagram travel pages you should be following
When the travel bug bites, these accounts are the antidote.