Falafel pita sandwich Falafel pita sandwich A falafel sandwich from Taïm Mobile. (Photo: Dan Dickinson / Flickr)

6 of our all-time favorite food trucks

Take a virtual culinary tour of some of America's most impressive masters of mobile food.

With so many of us eating lunch on-the-go, food trucks have become a favorite option. Featuring all the deliciousness of the restaurant's food in convenient portable containers, it's a win-win situation. As food trucks pop up around the globe – and even on television – we're taking a look at some of our favorites.

Healthy fare

The phrase "healthy street food" seems to be an oxymoron, but trust us: it exists, and it's every bit as delicious as the deep-fried fare served by food trucks and hot dog stands throughout the country.

Green Truck, Los Angeles and San Diego
With a full offering of all-organic main courses, sides, dessert and incredible salads, the Green Truck makes healthy eating easy and delicious.

SaladA kale salad with all the fixins from the farm-fresh Green Truck in San Diego. (Photo: Suzie's Farm/Flickr)

Green Truck knocks 'em all out of the park when it comes to sustainable business practices. They even use leftover vegetable oil to power their food trucks the following day.

Taïm Mobile, New York City
New York City's favorite falafel joint
, Taïm, has its own food truck to bring chef Einat Admony's gluten-free perfection to hungry passersby.

Taim mobile food truckTaïm Mobile offers gluten-free falafel in several flavors and combinations. (Photo: Josiah Lau Photography/Flickr)

Coming in a variety of flavors, falafel can be eaten in a sandwich, as part of a low-carb platter, or simply on its own as a filling snack. A great source of fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals, falafel packs a nutritional punch. 

Next time you're confronted with the need for food on-the-go, just remember this magic word: Mediterranean. You just can't go wrong with veggie-stuffed pitas, olive-speckled salads and flavorful shawarma.

Doing one thing, and doing it right

A varied menu does not a delicious meal make. Some of the most popular food trucks in America feature a simple menu that they've perfected. Whether they're focused on mac 'n cheese or vegan food, these focused food trucks are masters of their crafts.

The Shuka Truck, New York City
The Shuka Truck specializes in one thing: shakshouka. They've taken the classic tomato-and-egg dish, perfected it, and come up with a host of other varieties – each as tasty as the other.

The Shuka Stars !! The Green, The Red ,White and The Humshuka ! The Winners of 2014! 🎊🎉🎊🎉

A photo posted by Shuka Truck (@shukatruck) on

With such a colorful variety of egg-topped sauces, it's a delicious new way to eat the savory dish, and we've got no complaints here! Full of flavor and devoid of anything deep-fried, shakshouka is a winning lunch in our book. 

Roxy's Grilled Cheese, Boston
Roxy's has elevated our favorite cheesy sandwich to a whole new level. Taking a simple concept and pulling out all the stops, their creative sandwiches have Bostonians lining up down the block. 

Roxy's grilled cheese proscuitto and quince sandwichThe Vermont Crémont Cheese, Prosciutto de Parma and Quince sandwich from Roxy's. Need we say more? (Photo: Foodie Buddha/Flickr)

Another delicious truck from the 'Great Food Truck Race,' Roxy's has toured the nation. And we'd venture to speak on behalf of everyone when we say: there should be one of these in every city.

Sweet treats

Everyone deserves a little something extra every now and then! Food trucks have made your "treat yourself" moment even easier.

King of Pops, Atlanta
Not every food truck is solely dedicated to lunch fare. Enter the delightful Atlanta-based craft popsicle masters, the King of Pops. No matter your mood, no matter the season, this truck is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Nothing brings happiness to Atlantans quite like the bright, rainbow-colored umbrella of the mobile cart.

King of Pops truckThe King of Pops food truck is a colorful landmark at Atlanta gatherings all year long. (Photo: William Frank Fox/Flickr)

Beavers Coffee + Donuts, Chicago
It's all in the name, really. We're planning our trip to Chicago already. Beavers doesn't just boast coffee and donuts, but killer milkshakes, too. 

DonutsAn assortment of Beavers doughnuts. (Photo: Avi Schwab/Flickr)

Oh, were you expecting the run-of-the-mill glazed doughnut? Guess we forgot to mention that in addition to the usual cinnamon, powdered sugar, granulated sugar and chocolate toppings, for a dollar extra you can get 16 (yeah!) signature toppings, from Nutella Dream to S'mores. 

Food trucks are the perfect fix for a quick, healthy lunch or a sweet craving. What's your favorite food truck? Share in the comments below.


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6 of our all-time favorite food trucks
Take a virtual culinary tour of some of America's most impressive masters of mobile food.