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Find out how this duo is making flying more comfortable

From a blanket with arms to a privacy barrier, LyLy Design Studio's products are improving in-flight comfort.

This road will charge your car while you drive

And it's coming to a real live bus route next year.

An ancient port becomes a hip hangout

After a big renovation, 'The Bride of the Sea' is home to art galleries, concerts and lots of great food.

8 zombie walks around the world for 'The Walking Dead' superfans

Hungry for brains? Check out one of these massively popular zombie walks.

Which of these flying cars will be in your garage someday?

Watch what these innovative startups are doing to bring personal flying machines from science fiction to reality.

A festival in the Israeli wilderness promoted love around the world, and I took a lot of photos there

Check out my cool photos of people camping, singing and being awesome together at the annual Rainbow Gathering last week.

These private companies are fueling the space race

Astropreneurship is now a thing, and the competition is heating up.

This video shows how you party in the world's only lifeguard tower hotel

A DJ, some friends and, well, you get the idea.

Stunning street art you can't stop staring at

These cool murals and street paintings attract fans from around the world.

Pure genius! These caf├ęs are named after Einstein

Grab a cup of joe in these genius-inspired coffeehouses.

11 photos of world clocks that will leave you lost in time

These clocks are so old, some of them ignore minutes and hours and instead measure the movement of stars and planets.

Tour one of the coolest new airports in the world

The surrounding Timna Valley is the inspiration behind Israel's Ramon Airport.

What indigenous Amazonians taught me about hiking

Learn how to walk across logs, deal with mud and go downhill without falling.

7 places where the mud is lush enough to bathe in

Immerse yourself in the soothing, relaxing depths of ... dirt.

New Harvard theory: Aliens have star-powered spaceships

Scientists discovered a massive radio wave, and they can't find a good explanation for it. Unless ...