Social Media - Page 6

EyeIn searches social web and delivers a more personal photo experience

New software combs Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for best images of a concert, sporting event and more.

5 videos to make you laugh on Red Nose Day

Comedy fundraiser makes debut in the U.S.

Foodie photographers rejoice: Restaurant designs its plates for social media

'Food-O-Graphy' captures the perfect shot of gourmet food for your Instagram.

Meerkat moves on to Facebook

Live-streaming app remains strong despite bounce from Twitter.

Facebook fuels a 'sharenting' boom

Do you love posting photos of your kids? You might be a 'sharent' – and that's a good thing.

For long-distance couples, love is only a click away

In new trend, partners 'Glide' throughout the day to stay in touch.

Facebook's new Scrapbook gives kids (and pets) their day in the sun

Parents can finally tag a child in a post in a safe and convenient way.