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What the heck is Viber, and why should you be using it?

One of the world's biggest messaging apps – with more than a half-billion users – is making a push into America.

Pop star Becky G cast as Power Ranger in new film

The 18-year-old YouTube sensation-turned-recording-artist is becoming a superhero.

Macklemore knows how bands can make it big, no record contract required

Hip-hop star shares advice on how musicians can be heard.

Who wore it best: the celebrity, or their 'Peanuts' character?

We whipped up some 'Peanutized' celebrities, complete with their star-studded outfits.

There's a new search engine, and I took it for a spin

Curiyo incorporates social media feeds into the browser experience.

App for the masses finds niche among the deaf

Find out why a video messaging startup has joined the ranks of Microsoft and Google.

Photos of the 1,800-year-old coffin everyone's talking about

Cupids and snakes and medusas ... oh my!

5 awesome people over 70 to follow on social media

From a 'Golden Girl' to a former Star Fleet captain, here are five celebrities who rock the online scene.

How you laugh online says a lot about you

Facebook study finds out what hahas, hehes, lols and emojis reveal about the people using them.

New crowdsourced conservation site lets donors do the talking

This Is My Earth will purchase and protect critical habitats under threat from human development.

What does an engineer look like? Women 'techies' weigh in

The viral #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign launched by a 22-year-old engineer is busting stereotypes about women in the tech world.

What is the best time to eat at your favorite restaurant?

Avoid long waits: New Google feature allows you to identify the most popular times people visit restaurants and other businesses.

Take cooking lessons from Al Roker

The popular meteorologist is producing a 3-part series on live-streaming app Meerkat.

Crowdsourced app helps users identify odd charges on credit cards

Hidden fees and suspicious activity become a thing of the past with BillGuard.

Why more people are going offline

In an age of constant connection, people are starting to see benefits from disconnecting.